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Thread: Getting rid of Algae

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    Getting rid of Algae

    Simple test kit says I have a high chlorine content (dark bright yellow +8.8BR? +4.0CL). I shock 2-3X/wk and vacuum daily but green algae keeps coming back...heard that eliminating food source, phosphates, would stop can I eliminate the phosphates naturally? or neutralize them? PH is good. thx for this site )
    Pool: 5725 gallons
    Filter: SandPro 50 half horse power
    Type Pool: Above Ground Summer Scape
    Made out off: I dont know what type of material is made out off.
    Size pump and flow rate: Half horse power / I dont know the flow rate
    Date of pool intall: June 20th, 2012

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    Re: Getting rid of Algae

    Welcome to tfp, franklinxxx

    If your test is right, your chlorine level is not very high (you mentioned 4.0). We need to know more to help you (cya being one of the tests we will need), but it sounds like you will need to purchase a test kit to get us what we need. See this link for appropriate test kits: like the tf100, most bang for buck and fast shipping.

    As to getting rid of the algae, read up and follow this pool school article: we talk about shocking or the shocking process it is holding the chlorine (FC level specifically) high enough to kill the algae and only allow it to drop back down when the three criteria listed in the article are met.

    One last thing...ignore phosphates. Phosphate levels do not matter in a properly chlorinated pool (for the pools cya level).
    TFP Expert who uses Pool School and my TF100 test kit along with PoolMath for my: Round 11K gallon AGP with deep end, 20" sand filter, Matrix 1hp 2spd, 6 2ftX20ft solar panels (and solar cover!), Intex SWCG (copper bars disconnected) and a Rubadub hot tub (chlorine). The SLAM process is not finished until: 1. CC < 0.5 ppm, 2. An OCLT < 1.0 ppm and, 3. The water is crystal clear.

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