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Thread: Themoclime with new solar heater

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    Themoclime with new solar heater

    I just installed a series of 10 solar panels on the roof of our house to warm our ~500sq pool and spa. So far, even on partially sunny days, I've seen an increase in temperature of 5-7 degrees, but I've noticed that this temperature water goes down about 3 feet, beneath which the pool remains at its original temperature. Once we start swimming, this largely mixes out, but I'm wondering if there is something I should be doing to more evenly heat (or for that matter filter) the pool. I have two returns from the pool, a skimmer and a main drain; each should pull about 50% of the volume. I have a variable speed pump that I'm currently running at 1750RPM; this seems to keep water flowing through the panels on the roof with a filter pressure of 9 or so. Increasing the pump speed does warm the water a few degrees more, but has no effect on the thermoclime.



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    Re: Themoclime with new solar heater

    You can try pointing one or more returns somewhat downward to introduce water into lower depths with a rolling action. Unfortunately, that may reduce the amount of surface flow that moves debris to the skimmer.
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    Re: Themoclime with new solar heater

    Just an FYI:
    Solar heaters are most efficient when you are running as high a flow rate as the are designed for through them. The water will not come out of the return as hot, but you are heating more volume. Usually the design flow is around 1GPM per 10 sqft ... so ~40 GPM would give you the best heating, but will require running at higher RPMs and thus cost you more money.
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    Re: Themoclime with new solar heater

    If you have a waterfall type feature, running it for a few minutes evey evening could help stir up the water.
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    Re: Themoclime with new solar heater

    Try reducing suction from the skimmer, thereby increasing suction from the drain. This should result in more warmer water at the bottom of the pool (at the expense of reduced skimmer action).
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