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Thread: Cloudy Water

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    Cloudy Water

    So sorry, but unfortunately I can not post water results rite now. After taking a green water sample to the pool store and describing the situation i was told to have Mustard Alge. I added and did as instructed. This was over a month ago and i have not been able to get rid of the clouldyness. Currently i only have a two way test kit and have maintained the chlorine at "ideal level". Walls are not slimey and no green what so ever is present. I run the filter 12hrs a day . Any help untill my new test kit arrives would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Cloudy Water

    Without test results it is hard to advise you.

    You can start by reading
    and running the pump to filter 24/7

    You really need a good test kit when trying to maintain your pool.
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    Re: Cloudy Water

    In my experience the cloudiness is the dead algae that has settled to the bottom. It is easy to kill, not so easy to get rid of the sludge. I have a filter cartridge so what I did was buy a bag of pillow stuffing ($7.00) from a fabric store and stuffed the inside of the canister so the water was forced through that before returning to the pool. Also, put your ladder directly in front of the outflow and attach a towel or part of a sheet to the ladder so the water goes through that as it flows into the pool. Change it OFTEN. We had milky, white water after using algicide and after a weekend of religiously changing the pillow stuffing and washing out the towel the water was clear again. Hope that helps.

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