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Thread: EZ Drain Winter Cover

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    EZ Drain Winter Cover ... nter-Cover

    What are your thoughts on this cover? Anyone using this?

    I think I would have to do a lot of modifications to make it work with my Intex, but the idea seems right...
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    Re: EZ Drain Winter Cover

    I see no one has responded yet, so I'll chime in.

    I don't own one, but what I can say is I checked out the product via the link you sent, watched their rather hilarious video and I must say, I'm fairly impressed with the product for the most part.

    It actually looks like a really great idea, seems to be made well, not sure of the material though.
    My one concern would be the drain hole plugging up with leaves and junk, they say it is designed to dry off and the wind blows away the debris. But that's a big 'assumption' in my book, that's assuming 3 things.

    A. That you get enough consistent sun to actually dry up that whole area and then once that's happened, dry up the stuff sitting on top enough that it'll be light enough to be blow away when the wind hits.
    B. You get enough wind to blow the stuff off of there so it doesn't clog.
    C. Assuming whatever ends up there, type of leaves, amount of sap, bug stuffs, etc... that the wind will be able to carry it away.

    Now all of this has to happen in the winter and the conditions just right for it to not get clogged up.

    Also, I would be concerned with the fact that the hose is corrugated, so when it freezes, I would think that it'd be harder for any water in there to melt and slide out, as it would have to melt more to get past the ribs in the hose, than it would in a smooth hose. If it doesn't freeze where you are, then you're golden.
    They don't seem to address freezing conditions.

    Who knows, maybe the design is super sound!!! But seems like a lot could go wrong with it's required 'ecosystem'.

    If I had the money to burn and they had a money back guarantee, I'd definitely try it out.
    I love the idea of it, it does save water, no partial drain and refill + adding the chems you lost. But do keep in mind that algae can eat CYA over the winter anyway, water loss or not.
    Also that the video is horribly over dramatized at the beginning; throwing the cover pump, mucking about in the leaves, being pouty, upset and massively frustrated to the point of nearly crying and eating electricity? Yeah!! Can you say INFOMERCIAL!! ??

    My experience with most infomercial items, is that they don't work as advertised, but they do work in some fashion that is typically useful.

    Do find out the cover material, thickness and construction method, then ask about that in general here on the forum, I'm sure there are those in the know about the qualities of different materials and the like, liner brand irregardless.

    But that aside, if they have a money back guarantee, and it is compatible with your skimmer, go for it!!!
    Keep shipping in mind, that's often not part of such guarantees, so ask.
    If they tell you over the phone that they do offer that, make sure it is over the season, IE. you can redeem the offer next spring and get it in writing.
    If they don't, well.... I'm not sure I'd do it.

    Good luck, let us know how you come out on it.
    Thanks for reading... - Tony
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