I would never want to offend, as you all have been so helpful with my pool over the years. So I will just post my dilemma and you can give me your feedback. Earlier this season I purchased a brand new Compupool CPSC48 with dreams of further automating my pool. But life intervened and we were not able to install it in a timely manner. Now fall is fast approaching here in the NE and we are facing closing the pool again for the next 8 months. It seems crazy to install it now or to let it sit in a box all winter - it literally has never been out of the box - so I am considering selling it. I have not seen anyone posting equipment for sale here, so please let me know if this is ok. I would sell it for $650 plus the cost to ship it to you. If anyone is interested, please send me a note. I can only accept payment through Paypal (or you can bring me cash and save the shipping if you live near me)! Thanks again BBB'ers - you all are the best!