I've got an INTEX SEQUOIA SPIRIT 16' above ground round pool.

I'm searching for a good "in season" above ground pool cover solution.

I purposely setup the pool next to a large tree to benefit from the evening shade that it provides. The downside to that is the large number of leaves that fall directly over and into the pool. I tried using one of the popular mesh tarps, thinking that it would allow the water to go through and the leaves to stay on top. As it turned out, the leaves still got wet and soggy and weighed so much that we could not remove the cover without dumping all the debris into the pool. It also acted as a rather large tea bag and colored the water a nice greenish brown. From what I've read this is a common problem for many users of these type of tarps.

I've considered purchasing a solid tarp, and just rake or blow the leaves off before removing the tarp. But the problem with that solution is that with a heavy rain the water would accumulate and weigh down the tarp causing a scenario similar to what In described above.

I searched the Internet and every product I see is focused on "winterizing" your pool. That is not what I'm looking for.
I'm looking for an in season pool cover solution where the pool would always be covered when not in use and can easily be put on and removed. It basically just needs something to keep the leaves and debris (and possibly rain water) out of the pool when not in use.

And I don't want to spend a fortune on one of those expensive "safety" pool covers that claim to support an elephant.
Truth be told the pool is behind a locked fence and I don't have toddlers running around, so safety is not my foremost concern.

I'm envisioning some type of solution where a pool cover is elevated and supported above the water. Perhaps a mesh tarp (or net) that is draped flat and tight across the top of the pool. The advantage to this solution is (I think) that it would be less susceptible to strong winds. The disadvantage is that small insects (e.g. house flies, mosquitoes) might still be able to make their way into the pool. Also, the amount of sun light and free air allowed into the pool could vary depending on how rightly woven the mesh is and other factors (i.e. UV rating). So in some respects a tightly woven mesh tarp might be beneficial and in some other respects it might not. I would appreciate any feedback on which of those factors I should be more concerned with and why?

Another possibility is a domed type structure covering the pool and draped with a solid tarp. The advantage there is all leaves, debris, insects and so forth are kept out of the pool, as well as rain water and sunlight. The possible disadvantage is no free flowing air into the pool. Should I be at all concerned about that.

As for the supporting structure I'm going to need something lightweight and inexpensive. I'm thinking about PVC pipe.
The only concern I have is whether it will be structurally sound. I'm concerned that it would have too much give - bend and buckle under it's own weight - when I go to lift it (along with the attached tarp) to be placed onto or removed from the pool.

I even considering purchasing a used trampoline mat and somehow attaching it to a PVC pipes structure using cable ties.

Anyone fought this battle before. Anyone have any thoughts or ideas on how I could cost effectively win this battle?