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Thread: Repairing Leak on Suction at valve

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    Repairing Leak on Suction at valve

    Hi All,

    Started noticing air in the pump basket a week ago, and then a day or two later, coming out into the pool. And finally, it stopped priming on its own in the morning.

    I have two skimmer suction lines and if I turned the shallow off it went away. If I turned the deep end off, they stayed. So, process of elimination, it's the shallow end. I looked everywhere visible and couldn't find the problem until I, by chance, heard air coming out of the ball valve handle. I pulled the handle off and if I move my finger around, I can tell there is air coming out (change in pitch of the noise, if that makes sense). I ran a hose over it and sure enough, when I run water over the handle stub, the air bubbles go away immediately.

    So... what's the easiest way to repair a leak in the handle? It's inside there, if that makes any sense - anything I can just squirt or spay in there? I'm trying not to replace that part of the plumbing - it looks like decades worth of some plumbing cement holding it together that I would rather not fight with

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    Re: Repairing Leak on Suction at valve

    Got a pic to show us what kind of valve you are talking about?
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    Re: Repairing Leak on Suction at valve

    First, air would not be coming out of the suction line ... it is going in. Is this a regular PVC ball valve? I did not think the handles were removable.

    I would recommend cutting it out and replacing the valve with a NeverLube type valve.

    If you no longer want to turn the valve, you could just try to suck some PVC solvent in around the handle ... might work ... might not.

    Post a picture to give us a better idea of what you are talking about.
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    Re: Repairing Leak on Suction at valve

    If it's a typical, old-style metal ball valve, the fix is simple. First, you try to tighten the gland nut and see if that fixes the problem.

    If it doesn't, you can Google for the answer and a number of videos will come up so you can see how to do it.

    I fixed mine. Bought some plumbers tape at HD. Not teflon tape, it's packing tape to wrap around the valve stem. Looks kind of like pencil lead, but it's flexible graphite or something synthetic. Tried the graphite first. Didn't last long. The synthetic stuff (nylon?) worked great.

    Turn off the pump. Close the valve. Loosen the gland nut. Pull out the valve stem. Wrap it w/ the tape. Put the stem back into the valve. Tighten the gland nut. Try the handle to make sure the valve opens and closes properly. Turn on the pump and marvel at your success.

    No success? You're out 2 bucks for the tape/trip to HD & 15 minutes time. Now call in your pool guy.

    Good luck!
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