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Thread: Drained Pool, New Water, Where to Start?

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    Drained Pool, New Water, Where to Start?

    We are sold on the BBB method. However...

    We have recently decided to care for our pool after numerous green spells this summer. We have a 16,000 gallon pool and we drained and replaced the water (CYA levels were high and took advantage of an empty pool to do a few other things).

    Now that we have refilled it, we are not sure where to start. Can I Shock the pool with the remaining Zappit 73 and switch to BBB after. How do you guys treat new water? I imagine that the Zappit will help elevate the CYA to keep the Chlorine from melting away in the South Texas Heat.

    Also, I replaced the pool light, but the pool is an old one and doesn't have a GFCI so I'm not making it "hot" until I install a GFI. Do that make an "inline" GFI?

    Thanks again. The knowledge I've found here is going to save me $$$$!

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    Re: Drained Pool, New Water, Where to Start?

    The Zappit is cal-hypo, so that will not give you any CYA. Check your CH level first. If CH is high you do not want to add more to the pool. Get some CYA, put it in an old sock and hang it in front of a return. Keep the pump running and squeeze the sock a couple of times a day until it all disolves.

    Sorry I can't help you with the electrical question, but someone should be along soon who can.
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    Re: Drained Pool, New Water, Where to Start?

    I shocked my exact same size pool with 2 kilograms of dichlor (chlorine granulates) and that bought the CYA to ideal level, and then after I switched to liquid chlorine.

    All I'm doing now is adding Liquid CHlorine every 2 days and vacuuming/scrubbing.. 4 weeks perfect water, thx to this forum

    I'd first take a test reading of the water levels, if the ph/ta is out of range fix that, and then start shocking and all the fun

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