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Thread: CompuPool Generic Aqua Rite T-Cell 15

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    CompuPool Generic Aqua Rite T-Cell 15

    Good day,
    I went out this morning to check the salt levels in my pool, and also checked the display on the Aquarite panel.
    It was showing a hot reading, high salt and inspect cell.
    I shut the unit down and turned it back on, and it ran fine for about an hour, then it was reading hot again, another restart and it has been fine.
    The temperature of the water is usually 85-90, but the LCD is reading 125 sometimes higher.
    The salt level via strips is 3200-3400, unit displays 3000.

    About a year ago I installed the generic T-cell, and several months later replaced the limiter (quarter sized black piece) on the board.

    The Aquarite system is about 7 years old and this is my third cell in that time ( the second was a Hayward OEM).

    Here are the readings from my display as of this a.m.:

    1) 125
    2) 24.6+/-
    3) 7.55 +/-
    4) 100p
    5) -2400
    6) AL-0
    7) 1.40

    The pool is in direct sunlight all day and the pump runs 8hr/day.

    Any ideas why the temp is reading so high?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: CompuPool Generic Aqua Rite T-Cell 15

    Aqua Rite systems built before 2009 can be a bit quirky about the CompuPool cells. Usually it will work, just may have a bit of "personality". Whatever you do don't call Hayward for help if you have a problem they will just stonewall you. If you end up having continuing problems I would recommend giving CompuPool a ring at (888) 989-7258.

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    Re: CompuPool Generic Aqua Rite T-Cell 15

    Hello Jersey 561,

    The problem you are experiencing is probably one of two things; the first and most likely is there is a problem with the temperature sensor in the cell. This sensor relays the water temperature in the cell to the control box. It has a limited range it is programed for and if it exceeds that range it will display either "Hot" or "Cold" depending on which way the temperature was headed when it went out of range. So if the temperature sensor is reading a false high and it went out of range you would get he "Hot" display. I am not sure why turning it off and then back on again would clear that problem. The other possibility is that the cell is really getting that hot, however once again if it were I am not sure why turning it off and on again would clear that high reading if it were actually hot in the cell. However if you turned it off then waited a period of time, say 20 minutes, with the pump running the cell could cool down then would get hot again over time when you turned it back on again.

    Your readings all look normal with the exception of the first reading which is the water temperature, 125, that is too high and may be related to a temperature sensor failure or the cell is actually getting that hot. Check it by touch to see if it is actually that hot but be careful if it is that hot it could burn. If it is getting that hot you should contact Comp Pool to see what can be done to solve the problem.

    My recommendation when this cell is worn out go back to the Goldline/Hayward cells you will have fewer issues.

    Best of Luck!

    Jim Garrison
    The Guru of Pools

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    Re: CompuPool Generic Aqua Rite T-Cell 15

    I have the aqua logic T-cell-15 with very high temp readings, +170 degrees before it shuts down. do you know where the cell temp sensor is located and if it can be replaced?
    15k gal, IG pebble, 1 HP pump, Cartridge, AquaLogic TCell15 SWG

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