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Thread: Cloudy emerald green. Quick!!

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    Cloudy emerald green. Quick!!

    Just called out by a very reputable local hotel to save them.

    30x50x4 plaster pool.
    15ppm fc
    7.4 ph
    130 alk
    375 ch
    70 cya
    83 deg F
    110 gpm

    Primary sanitizer is tabs.

    Yesterday, day one, I put in 4 gal liquid cl (12%) to take my fc to 27 ppm which would be shock level according to the kick but cya/cl chart that I live by (thanks!!!)

    I have 20 lb of dichlor mixed in a bucket ready to add tonight because MOST of these green pools I respond to have an algae bloom in process and I can usually shock it back to great. But even after taking it to 27ppm yesterday, it dropped back to 15 today and I'm 2nd guessing myself because it had no visible improvement whatsoever in 24 hours.

    Should I shock it tonight or am I looking at a different issue that I'm unfamiliar with?

    Water is green, hazy, can barely see side ladder steps, can't see MD. Water does not look swampy and algae filled necessarily...

    Copper? Algae? ***?

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    Re: Cloudy emerald green. Quick!!

    Copper wouldn't explain the haziness. Is this an indoor or outdoor pool? Either way, dichlor will raise the CYA even higher, which you don't want.
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    Re: Cloudy emerald green. Quick!!

    SO... Like 10 gallons liquid?

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    Re: Cloudy emerald green. Quick!!

    Outdoor pool

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    Re: Cloudy emerald green. Quick!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sharkyllc
    SO... Like 10 gallons liquid?
    Use the to help figure the doses.

    I suggest you take it to to mustard algae shock level tonight.......since you are in a hurry and the pool is plaster.

    Also, general rule, a gallon of chlorinating liquid will increase the FC in a 10,000 gallon pool by the percent of chlorine, ie, 6% bleach will increase FC by 6ppm in 10,000 gallon pool. Also, a gallon of 12% liquid chlorine will increase FC by 12ppm in 10,000 gallon pool.

    As JohnT mentioned, the dichlor will raise the CYA and make shocking more expensive, requiring higher shock levels/more chlorine.
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    Re: Cloudy emerald green. Quick!!

    Follow up: on night one I added the 20 lb dichlor as well as 4 gallons liquid and let it circulate all night. On night two I added 6 more gallons liquid and let it circulate all night. Last night I added 3 quarts floc and let it circulate (bypassing filter) for three hours then shut off system. I'm vaccing to waste right now and it's crystal clear and perfect.

    Chlorine is high but matches what is recommended for the cya present according to the cya adjustment chart.

    Cya is a huge battle for me because all mine are commercial with heavy heavy use, 24 hour circulation, and almost exclusive trichlor used. I'm
    So happy to have the cya chart, though I'm going to have a tough time explaining to the health dept why I'm running at 15 ppm instead of the state required 1-3.....

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