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Thread: Newbie - Suggestions for removing Algae?

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    Newbie - Suggestions for removing Algae?

    Water color is clear. Heavy layer of Algae is laying on the pool floor. We were using the default cartridge filter attached to an Intex Saltwater filter. Cartridge filter shot craps so I bought a sand filter.
    Came across this site and did some reading. Last night I used a wet dry vac to remove some of the algae. I've read about that on some other sites. Setup the old pump to get the water moving and poured in a gallon of bleach. Pump is still circulating the water almost 24 hours later. Took a fresh water sample this morning to a local pool outlet and they tested the water. The results are listed below. They suggested adding muriatic acid one pint at a time to bring down the pH and TK. Read about muriatic acid not thrilled to be adding that to the water. They also suggested using an algacide. I had bought some from Lowes but after reading some threads on here I've not used it. I went with the bleach instead.

    Asking for suggestions on how best to proceed?

    I plan on continuing to use the wet\dry vac to remove the algae from the pool floor. Scrub everything down. Add water. Test water. I'm thinking I should not use the new sand filter until I get things cleaned up a bit. I live in a rural area of Mo with hard water. If you need more info let me know. I've read a lot of threads and a few articles, Getting Started, FAQ's, Green Swamp, etc on the site.

    Free chlorine 7.13
    Total chlorine 7.13
    Combined chlorine 0
    Total alkalinity - 182
    pH - 8.3
    Calcium Hardness - 259
    Cyanuric Acid - 13
    Copper - 0
    Iron - 0
    Total dissolved solids 0
    Saturated index - 1
    4440 Gallons - Intex 48" x 15'
    Intex Sand Filter Pump Model SF20110 - 2650 gph
    AG - June 2011

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    Re: Newbie - Suggestions for removing Algae?

    Welcome to TFP!

    Start by going to and buying a good test kit. Either a TF-100 or a Taylor K-2006. Your pool store will not have either kit. Then, shock your pool following the steps to clear algae listed in this link...pool-school/defeating_algae

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    Re: Newbie - Suggestions for removing Algae?

    I agree, without one of the test kits mentioned it will be almost impossible to clear the algae off of your pool. I have the same setup as you (almost) and the money I spent on the test kit was invaluable. Pool stores are notorious for giving poor results and then trying to sell you products to "fix" the problem. With the use of your test kit, the advice from this site and the use of bleach you'll get your pool crystal clear in no time!
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    Pentair 1 1/2 HP Dynamo Pump
    Sand Dollar Sand Filter w/ Zeobrite
    Lil Shark Vacuum System
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