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Thread: Dirt coming out the outlet

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    Dirt coming out the outlet

    We got a lot of rain this last week and some muddy water washed into my pool because of which I cannot even see the bottom of the pool. I have been running the pump for over 24 hours straight and then I decided that I was going to start vacuum into the abyss, because as I said before, I cannot even see the bottom. I then noticed that there was dirt coming back out the outlet side of the pump back into the pool. This had me thinking that I maybe had a hole in my filters, so I bought and installed new filters and after I started up the vacuum again, there was dirty water being put back into the pool again. Of course by now, I am frustrated. I checked the bottom manifold for any cracks, but cannot figure out how else dirt could get through the filters. They are hayward oem 106 feet filters x4 in a hayward c4025 filter housing. Any ideas before I drain the whole pool and start over. Thanks for all the support.

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    Re: Dirt coming out the outlet

    When was the last time you cleaned your cartridge?
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    Re: Dirt coming out the outlet

    We cleaned them today and it still did it so then we put new cartridges in and it still happened. Do you think it's just too much dirt and it can't filter it out. Thanks

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    Re: Dirt coming out the outlet

    Dirt is usually rather easy to filter out. Usually with cartridge filters you don't have a bypass valve, but see if you perhaps do in your setup and if so then maybe it's defective and sending some water around your filter.

    Now if for some reason this isn't regular dirt but something more like silt or clay, then that has very fine particles. Clay has particles smaller than 2 microns (even DE won't filter it that well), silt is from 2 to 50 microns. So all clay and some silt will not get caught in a cartridge filter without help. Because you may not have a valve before your filter, you may not be able to easily vacuum to waste so use of a flocculant would not make sense. Instead, you can use a clarifier but be careful not to overdose. Ones that we know work well at reasonable prices include GLB Clear Blue and BioGuard Polysheen Blue.
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