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Thread: I have this MPS...

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    I have this MPS...

    I have this MPS acquired years ago by another family member who got 'pool-stored.' I know it's an oxidant and not a sanitizer and that it messes up FC readings by FAS-DPD. I have about 24 one-pound bags that are seven years old stored in my nice cool basement. Is there any intelligent way to use this stuff up? I am a strict BBB'er and I never shock my pool except in the Spring, and not really then. I just superchlorinate to shock level and then go into BBB mode as long as water was clear, which it always is. I have never done a a true BBB shock or an OCLT, because I have never needed to.

    I really don't know what to do with it. I hate to just throw it out.
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    Re: I have this MPS...

    If you know someone with an indoor pool who has problems controlling Combined Chlorine (CC), then they might be able to use it. If you know someone with a bromine spa (or, more rarely, a pool), then they can use it (assuming they have a bromide bank built up) to oxidize bromide to make more bromine. If you know someone using Nature2 in a spa, then they can use the MPS for the nearly chlorine-free system that is actually approved by the EPA for disinfection. You can use it once a week to needlessly shock your pool and use the Taylor K-2042 to remove the interference of MPS in your test kit.
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    Re: I have this MPS...

    I don't really know anything about it, so I looked it up. My brief research shows that it is designed to be used with some type of "magic box" sort of system, like an ozonator sort of setup, maybe Nature2.

    It looks like it may be able to be used on its own too, but basically it's an oxy shock/algaecide product.

    Note, I may have this slightly wrong, but this is the gist of it from what I scanned.

    I do know for a fact that this forum frowns upon the use of such products, the Nature2 and other "Magic Chlorine Free" systems, simply because they are a waste of money and they just flat don't work!!
    It all seems like a bunch of marketing ho-ha and lies by the industry and the manufacturers. I don't buy any of it myself. So I tend to agree, but again, I'm no expert in the stuff.

    I wouldn't put anything other than BBB+CYA+MA in my pool.

    If it were me, I would post it on Craigslist, marketing it to someone that already uses such things.
    It's not like you're passing off something to an unwitting fellow consumer at that point, because they already use it & are familiar with it. So it's their bad if they want to use it, but hey, if it works for them and they have bought into the company's "magical spell", then GREAT!!! More power to 'em.

    If not Craigslist, then FleaBay for local pickup only, if it's uneconomical to ship it due to it's weight.

    Then take the proceeds and either split it /w your poor buddy who got pool stored, or take him out to a really AWESOME dinner where you can discuss the travesties of the retail pool industry and have a good laugh over it. LOL
    Thanks for reading... - Tony
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