The pool is 3 feet at shallow and 5 feet at deep end. It's one of those kit pools with plates. I plan on replacing the liner next year or two and asked my pool guy "since I'm spending 4 grand on this liner, can you make it deeper while you're at it?" He frowned on the idea because he couldn't get digging equipment to the pool - golf course, privacy fense, deck, etc.

To me it seems like it wouldn't really be a big deal for him to get a crew and dig it by hand. I'd like to have deep end around 7 feet.

What's underneath those plates anyway? Sand? How are they interconnected, it doesn't seem like it would be too hard to dig an extra foot or two and change the geometry and plates.

Googling around there are different kits where there aren't any plates on the bottom and it's just sand with the liner sitting on top. Still doesn't seem like that big of a deal to me other than the manual labor of digging.

Lastly I'm learning that a pool is never big enough or deep enough.