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Thread: Boster pump vs. electric driven Polaris robots

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    Boster pump vs. electric driven Polaris robots

    Hey folks,
    what's a general opinion on one technology vs. the other. PB is trying to talk me into the electric driven cleaner. i'm on the other hand is leaning towards the pump driven even if i have to do an addition booster pump... its just something about having 120v electrical device in the water that just does not sit well with me.

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    Re: Boster pump vs. electric driven Polaris robots

    I think most robots actually run lower that 120V ... although it is not the voltage that really matters. They recommend you not have it in the pool running while swimming ... can't say I have not done that though

    I like my robot as I do not have to spend the money to run a pump (and a booster pump) to clean the pool. Some are easier to get parts for than others for repair.

    Personal preference I think.
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    Re: Boster pump vs. electric driven Polaris robots

    I have had both a Polaris 360 (uses pump discharge not a separate pump but needs a piped supply line in the sidewall of the pool during construction) and a Polaris robot 9300.

    The 360 is faster cleanup but does not pickup fine sand/dust, but is great for large stuff like leaves. The 9300 has a 18v transformer in the outside pool controller, takes about 90 min to clean and picks up the fine stuff. I prefer the robot comparing the two due its excellent cleaning ability and its thorough cleaning of the entire pool via its random steering software (no need for the remote version). Also they recommend cleaning the robot after each use and storing out of the pool. Reliability excellent-had 2 pool seasons with no problems
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    Re: Boster pump vs. electric driven Polaris robots

    Have you read this? pool-school/automatic_pool_cleaners

    The Polaris 380 I have is really nice - but the random pattern is somewhat non-random at times. It also gets stuck in a number of places on the pool - not stuck so it can't get free but stuck enough that it spends too much time sitting still for my tastes and I'm still tinkering with the jet aiming trying to get less incidents of being stuck. Sadly the last time I used it I got it stuck behind the ladder on the wall with the jet facing up in the air shooting water out of the pool! I wasn't there and it was stuck that way for a while.

    Overall - I'm happy with the 380 but I think I'd be happier with a robot. The cost to run one is lower from what I understand - but the cost of repairs is high and the breakage rate is higher than pressure side cleaners form what I understand.

    The biggest grip I have about my 380 is that the pool was retrofitted for it and they robbed one of the returns to do this and I think it impacts circulation to a degree. If you do go with a pressure side cleaner make sure you have adequate returns without including that one. You might also want to plumb in a dedicated suction for use with vacuum or suction side cleaner just because it's a lot cheaper now than it will be later and you may change your mind over time.
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