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Thread: Intex Pool Tricks

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    Intex Pool Tricks

    Hi everyone! I'm new here. My name is Sean, hence the username seansy59

    I have an 12' intex pool, and I am sure some of you out there do also. It has always been a battle keeping it clean and fresh without killing ourselves with chemical. I thought I would share some intex pool tricks I have learned.

    Over the last 4-5 years, we bought a new pool almost every year, due to the fighting of cleaning them, and ending up with a hole/leak in them at spring. But, I kept all the pumps, hoses, etc from the past.

    With my pool, I keep the PH at a normal level, and the chlorine a tad on the higher side (lower spa level). This is due to the fact that these pools are small, and sun burns off the chlorine quickly. Which leads me to say, always have a cover on it. We have a $25 solar pool cover that not only keeps it warm and clean, but keeps the chlorine from burning off too quickly.

    I also run 2 pumps in series with each other, but only one running. I use the second one to have water pass through. Pool, to pump 1 (actually running), to pump 2 (unplugged, just using filter), and back into pool. It decreases the flow and pressure VERY slightly, but cleans the pool a lot better. You would not believe how much it clears up the water and catches the rest that the first filter passes. The first filter takes in particles, grass, and dirt/mud, second filter takes out any color, and remaining dirt color. Clears up the pool greatly, and it is not cloudy compared with running only 1 filter. Also, I clean both filters EVERY week. Rinse them out with the hose, and scrub them.

    Always have a tub or bucket of water to clean your feet before getting into the pool.

    Run the filter all day. Morning to night, whether swimming or not. Algae has trouble growing in moving water. The intex pumps take so little power (1-2 amps), that it would not be worth having to replace the pool water, or clean the entire pool if algae grows. Run the pump, and it stays fresh, clean, and filtered.

    I also vacuum the pool using existing pump hoses. Fill the hose with water (make sure there is no air), and connect it to the intake of the filter via a piece of PVC that fits snug into the suction fitting. Vacuum the floor of dirt, bat/bird poop, and grit once-twice a week. Only takes 5-10min for the 12' pool.

    If you have any tips/tricks, share them below! Hopefully my tips are helpful to all of ya!

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    Re: Intex Pool Tricks

    Thanks for the advices. I am missing a bucket for the kiddos to clean their feet. (I have 14 kids)
    Pool: 5725 gallons
    Filter: SandPro 50 half horse power
    Type Pool: Above Ground Summer Scape
    Made out off: I dont know what type of material is made out off.
    Size pump and flow rate: Half horse power / I dont know the flow rate
    Date of pool intall: June 20th, 2012

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    Re: Intex Pool Tricks

    Heyas fellow Intex Owners!! Welcome to TFP!!

    we use a 'kiddie pool' for a foot bath- the blue,hard plastic kind. Just stick the bottom of the ladder in, and wah la!! Caution: it does get a little warm some times, we just get a bucket of water from the pool to temp it down. When the grass clippings get heavy, I just swipe thru it with the skimmer net.
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