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Thread: polaris 65, a love / hate relationship

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    polaris 65, a love / hate relationship

    I have a 24' round abg and use a swg and a polaris 65. If the grand kids are not over, there have been times when I really do not even look at the pool except maybe a quick glance for a week as it is back from the house. Since I went to a swg 3 years ago, if the polaris is doing it's job, it honestly is a zero maintenance pool.
    I guess it is because it would probably be considered a "light use" pool, but once I get all of the levels stable and where want them in the spring (I live in Tennessee), I really do not have to do anything else for the rest of the year - IF the polaris is working right.
    I am on my 2nd one. Bought the first one maybe 5 years ago and loved it since it cleans the bottom plus you still get the skimmer action, but it got to the point where it just kept running back and forth over the same spot and the hoses were giving out, so thought i would get a new cleaner.
    I went with a different type and should have gave it more thought.
    I forget the brand, but it was a popular choice and the type that you hook up with an adapter in the skimmer and it "scrubs" the bottom.
    Is fine and dandy for the bottom, but then the stuff floating on top is not cleaned out.
    With the polaris, I just leave it connected and running all of the time unless we are in the pool and always had sparkling clear water.
    So, not caring for the other type, I bought a new Polaris 65 over the summer.
    back to a zero maintenance pool, sort of.
    Within a couple of weeks I noticed it was going over the same area. So took it apart and cleaned out the inner filter. I did not see any dirt/debris in there, but it worked when i put it back together.
    Here it is a few weeks later and once again it just goes back and forth over the same area.
    cleaned the inner filter again but this time it did not help.
    Fooled around with it, putting my fingers over the holes until the ball started becoming random again. Now it seems every 10 days or so i just have to mess around with doing that to get it to work again.
    thought maybe the ball may have a rough spot or something so bought a new one.
    Still does it.
    When the polaris works, it is, in my opinion, by far the best cleaner around as you can just leave it connected all of the time.
    but it is so disappointing when it does not work right.
    I guess I am just lazy as that is the only thing I ever have to mess with, but it does get to be a pain.

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    Re: polaris 65, a love / hate relationship

    Oooh, yeah, what a pain that is to have to disassemble it every week and a half or so.

    I don't have one of these myself, but I looked it up. This seems to be a big issue with this model.

    But, as always, our lovely forum here has some detailed tips on fixing this and other issues with this unit.

    Check it out here: Polaris 65 Fixes

    If that doesn't do it for ya, post back here and I'm sure someone that knows your unit will be able to help you further.
    Cross posting is frowned upon, for obvious reasons, so I'd keep it confined to this thread here, to keep any confusion at bay.

    Happy swimming and good luck to ya'!!
    Hope that fixes you up.

    PS. Please try and put your pool information in your signature and your location in your profile. It's easier to help people when we know what they have at a glance.
    How To Edit Signature & Profile
    Thanks for reading... - Tony
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