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Thread: How to push a liner back in the track

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    How to push a liner back in the track

    I have a vinyl liner pool and in a few spots the liner has come out of the track. I can't push it back in by hand. What tool can be used to not damage the liner and get it back in the track?
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    Re: How to push a liner back in the track

    Can you get in the water and start a couple feet down pushing up toward where its come out and when you get to the top push it back in?

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    Re: How to push a liner back in the track

    Someone told me that some pool guys will pour hot water on the liner and stretch it in place. I think they said they drained it a foot or two first and really heated up the liner with hot water.
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    Re: How to push a liner back in the track

    Lowering the water level a few inches will help. A hair dryer works well to warm up the liner (Do not overheat!). You can usually pull the liner up and push it back in the track. A flat tool can be used to push the bead back into the track. Be careful not to puncture the liner.

    Caution: Overheating or overstretching the liner can cause the liner to be damaged.

    Liner-loc can be used to secure the liner in the track and prevent future reoccurrences of the liner coming out.
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    Re: How to push a liner back in the track

    Another tip that has worked well for me is waiting for the sun to get on that part/side of the liner. Once warmed, it's very pliable and can just use your fingers to pull up into lip and get it seated on bead. With the liner in the shade, even on a super hot day, it was very difficult. So really the key is to warm it up a bit so it's more pliable.

    I'm too paranoid to use any kind of tool.
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    Re: How to push a liner back in the track

    This is my first post on this forum. I'm a new pool owner. This thread caught my attention because I'm having the same problem with my liner. The liner will not budget at all. It's rock hard. I'm a little worried I might break the liner or something if I pull too hard or use tools. I'm thinking I might have to call a professional.
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