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Thread: Just joined the site today

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    Just joined the site today

    We've been living here for close to 9 years now with the current pool 16x32 IG
    It was here when we moved in, one corner already pulling loose...other patches in the shallow end
    It held water just fine, I resealed the patches after a few years just to be sure
    Last year it started losing a lot of water, I'm a scuba diver so went all over the pool & patched everything I could
    But by the end of the summer it was too much...over the winter it drained down & the shallow end was almost dry
    This Spring we looked at having a new liner installed...only to find out the install cost would be close to $4k

    I then researched DIY installation, after reviewing a lot of info it seemed doable
    A friend was going to help me...then the wife got involved....telling me I couldn't do it....too hard, did not know how
    Then to boot she tell me her "friend" says the pool has to be filled right away...I ask what friend...she clams up
    So ticked off I tell her to come up with the $4k if she wants to pay far no liner
    So rather then leave the pool the way it is I'm once again back to DIY installing a new liner
    I pumped the remaining water out of the deep end & removed the old liner & muck that was left....not fun

    I have some patching to do on the sand packed (shallow end) & concrete bottom (deep end)
    We have a high water table so its not going to be a walk in the park to get the new liner in
    Based on shutting the pump off 4 hours ago I can tell ground water is seeping in, I'll know tomorrow how much

    I'm also considering filling the deep end about 12" - originally had a diving board
    I heat with solar so the less water the better

    That's where I stand as of tonite
    30 yr old 16x32' IG pool, ~16,600g, Hayward DE 4820 filter w/1.5hp pump, Solar heat

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    Re: Just joined the site today

    It is doable! Replaced my liner 5 years ago with help from my 2 brothers. 16 x 32 pool done for $1300. Plenty of instructional videos out there to show you how to do it. I've only been lurking here a short while, but I'm very impressed with the level of expertise of the people here. Just post any questions you have.
    16' x 32' IG vinyl liner w/ hopper bottom (12,500 gal), Single-speed 1 HP Sta-Rite pump, and 300# Cristal-Flo sand filter, TF-100 test kit

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    Re: Just joined the site today

    Welcome to TFP! Everyone here is more than helpful. Lots of knowledge and experience.

    Unfortunatey, I can't help too much with your liner. I saw one replaced in our pool that my family had...over 25 years ago. Wasn't even a teenager yet. That's before I had to pay for it.

    Also, check your PM in-box.
    15'x30' IG - Roman-style - 14K - Pebble Fina Classico
    Filter: Jandy CL460 Pump: Jandy Stealth SHPF1.5 SWG: Jandy AquaPure 1400 Cleaner: Jandy RayVac Test Kit: TF-100 w/SpeedStir

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    Re: Just joined the site today

    Checked my PM Inbox ---message deleted

    After 4 days I have just over 30" of water in the deep end - not too bad, but not great
    I plan on picking up 2" rigid this weekend for the deep end
    Lay down the 2" rigid, then some 8x16 pavers on top to keep the rigid in place
    Then some sand to fill in cracks etc
    Then pour maybe 4" of concrete over top of the sand
    That will raise the bottom about 8"....from 7" 6" Max depth (water to top of the skimmer) to about 6' 10"
    I had planned on raising the bottom 18", but thought my depth was closer to 8' 6"

    I could possibly raise it 12" total by adding about 6" of sand/fill, but that would be a lot of work
    I guess I'll see how ambitious I am this weekend, I need to get the patching done on the side before the water causes more problems
    30 yr old 16x32' IG pool, ~16,600g, Hayward DE 4820 filter w/1.5hp pump, Solar heat

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