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Thread: Does bleach raise ph?

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    Does bleach raise ph?

    I've been using mostly Clorox bleach this season to chlorinate my pool. But it seems that every time I add bleach my ph goes up too. That means adding muriatic acid which I hate to do. Going to experiment with using Trichlor tablets for a while to see if my ph still goes up. TA is 110 and Calcium is 250. CYA is 30. So I've been adding nothing but bleach and muriatic acid. The pool is covered by a solar cover whenever we aren't using it.
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    Re: Does bleach raise ph?

    Bleach is basically ph neutral. It will raise the ph slightly when added but as the chlorine get used up, it will drop back down. Some of the cheaper stuff, and the higher concentration stuff have more lye, which will raise ph a little...but again, in most cases, ph neutral (long term).

    How fast a ph rise are you seeing?
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    Re: Does bleach raise ph?

    Typical store bought bleach has a pH in the region of 12.5 and will increase pH usually slowly as TA will absorb the pH rises and depressions for the most part, TA of 110 is at the top of the comfort range, CH is fine and CYA is at the bottom Of the range.

    Are you adding a lot of bleach? For example have you been shocking recently or is their a high chlorine demand in your pool?

    Tri-Chlor is acidic, so will slowly lower pH and TA, but if you have some lying around you might as well use it up. In 25,000G it will take about 2kg for a CYA increase of 10 to the 40 mark, but check that math on the pool calculator which will make a better job of crunching the numbers.
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    Re: Does bleach raise ph?

    Make sure you aren't testing as soon as you add bleach as that will make the pH test falsely high.
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    Re: Does bleach raise ph?

    With a TA of 110, then when you are using the pool (i.e. when the cover is off) the pH will rise from carbon dioxide outgassing. That can be lessened by not trying to lower the pH below 7.5 unless you intentionally want to lower the TA over time. A TA close to 120 is more appropriate when using Trichlor which is very acidic, but for bleach and chlorinating liquid and other hypochlorite sources of chlorine (e.g. Cal-Hypo and lithium hypochlorite), a TA of 80 or even lower is more appropriate.

    There is also some excess lye in bleach and chlorinating liquid, but Clorox bleach has some of the lowest amounts of excess lye of any so by itself should not be noticeable.
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