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Thread: AquaRite Solid Red no flow light

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    AquaRite Solid Red no flow light

    I have replaced the flow sensor (which was bad), salt cell (also failed testing), and finally the main board to correct the Solid Red No Flow light being displayed. After all these changes I am still getting a solid red no flow light without any change, no flashing, blinking, ect.
    Can someone please provide their input to fix this????

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    Re: AquaRite Solid Red no flow light

    The obvious one; reseat the flow sensor connector.
    Check for corrosion inside the box on the other side of the sensor connector.
    No change, verify the sensor is in the right way.
    Pull the sensor and wrap a rubber band around the two contacts to insure that the contacts are closed (don't forget to take the rubber band off after testing).
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    Re: AquaRite Solid Red no flow light

    Thank you for your reply!
    The Sensor is in the correct way and there is no corrosion at the connector, as this is a brand new board. I will try the rubber band trick next and report back. Any other thoughts due to the light staying solid red from power up regardless if the sensor is plugged in or not. Any thoughts to the display needing to be reset? I did not replace the display, just the board.
    Many Thanks

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    Re: AquaRite Solid Red no flow light

    Tried the rubberband trick and still the same outcome, solid red no flow light... Any other suggestions would be kindly appreciated

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    Re: AquaRite Solid Red no flow light

    Just an update. Spoke with technical support and the recommended another I installed a new board and same display results, solid green power and solid red no flow. So after 2 NEW boards, 1 new Flow Sensor, and 1 new T15 salt cell I still have a dysfunctional SWG....Any feedback, advice, or help would be IMMENSELY appreciated

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