First, a big thank you to all of you share your knowledge on this forum. I am so glad I found this site! I've owned 3 different pools over the last 22 years, and this is the first year I've had issues I couldn't easily resolve with shock, and rarely, algaecide. I wish I'd found this forum in the spring before I followed my pool store's advice. But, the pool is finally staying clear.

Today I am doing the AA treatment to clean up metal staining that occurred when I closed last fall. My bad, I inadvertently drained too much water, and when I shocked after the refill the pool turned brown. My liner had an even stain of light tan. The AA worked at removing the stain. I used 1 qt of polyquat 60, and added DE to my sand filter first. Then I followed mbar's instructions and added additional AA after 1/2 hour to the persistent stains. I used a total of 5 lbs of Leslies pool cleaner, followed by 2 liters of Natural Chemistry's Metal Free. Water turned a milky cloudy after the Metal Free. I can just barely see the main drain in the deep end. Even thought I read that some cloudiness is normal, I'm concerned because my pool has been clouding every few days for most of the summer. I finally got it clear 2 weeks ago after I bought the TF-100 and brought the chemicals more in balance. Should I be doing anything else?

Before I added AA this morning:
FC <.5 (barely turned color, so not 0 but close to)
CC <.5
pH 7.5 (this is down from 7.8)
TA 90
CH 280
CYA 80