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Thread: pentair VS-SVRS not working

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    pentair VS-SVRS not working

    I have a pentair vs-svrs that stopped working possibly because of lightning. The LCD panel is working and the pump is not turning. When I start the pump the panel thinks it is running, I.E. it displays rpm and watts however the pump is not turning. after about five seconds it displays a dry priming alarm. I'm hoping there may be a hard reset, fuse or from the manual "Motor internal terminal overload
    protector is open", as turning off the power did not help. Any one??? Hate to have to buy another one.

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    Re: pentair VS-SVRS not working

    If the drive (lcd) is working then it possibly is the thermal cutout (overload).
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    Re: pentair VS-SVRS not working

    I had very similar symptoms after a lightning strike "fried" a transformer in my front yard (pump readout says pump is running although motor is not, and then get a loss of prime alarm). Pool store and Pentair thought it was the motor. After replacing the motor-same symptoms, so Pentair directed a drive replacement which correcting the problem. Fortunately under warrannty

    I have since installed a suppressor on the electrical panel supplying the pump motor (living in Cape Coral that has a daily thunderstorm during the summer)
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    Re: pentair VS-SVRS not working

    Thanks for your help. I contacted pentair and it was determined to also be my drive. Mine is not under warranty and my dealer wanted $900.00. Yikes. So after some web searching I found a new VF drive online for $600.00. A substantially better and much cheaper replacement. I will also install some sort of surge suppressor. Thanks for the help. I'll post my success or lack thereof when it arrives. Looking forward to the added features of the VF.

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    Re: pentair VS-SVRS not working

    Is there insurance for these types of incidents? just wondering...
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    Re: pentair VS-SVRS not working

    I replaced the VS-SVRS drive with the VF drive and the pump is running fine. Thanks Don, your problem was identical to mine. I also installed SYCOM hardwired surge protector, ... Series.pdf Hopefully this will prevent a similar problem from occurring.

    A couple of observations

    The variable speed pump works well with the Pentair SWG. I have had algae problems when my pool was first built. I thought I was just getting better at maintaining my pool with the tft test kit but after 2 weeks with my old single speed pump the algae crept back in. Nothing serious just something that hasn't happened in awhile. My only guess is that the SWG is more effective with the lower GPM of the variable pumps. I usually run my SWG at forty percent but had to kick it up with the single back on. I really hate my old single, loud, inefficient, pump. Did I say loud? However I was glad to have a backup for the two weeks I was waiting for my replacement drive.

    I was also able to keep the pool clean with less than a full turnover each day with old VS-SVRS. I just lowered the rpm until my SWG went offline and the upped the speed a few hundred rpm (1300) for eight hours and a forty minute 2200 RPM sweep. The VF doesn't go lower than one turnover so I lied to the pump on the gallons of the pool, 20,000 instead of 25,000 to reduce the time and speed of the filter cycle. I'm now running 200 watts for 12 hours and may reduce it some more. The VF is also smoother at lower RPM's.

    I disassembled the old drive to see if it could be repaired. Under the cover is a large circuit board upside down with all the components embedded in epoxy. The only serviceable part is the display.

    Hopefully lightning doesn't strike twice.


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