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Thread: Hello, and Thank You TFP!

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    Hello, and Thank You TFP!

    Hello all! I've been lurking here for a while, and thought it was time that I finally posted.

    First let me say a big THANK YOU to everyone here at TFP for the wealth of knowledge I've gained while reading this forum. I worked at a fairly large commercial pool (approx. 300,000 gallons) while growing up so I knew a little about pool care, but I have to give TFP credit for giving me the knowledge to care for my pool the right way.

    I joined TFP while I was in the process of searching for a house to buy as several of the houses had pools. Because of what I learned here I felt much more confident during the home purchase process and ended up buying a house with an inground pool. I purchased my house in the winter and when the spring came I determined that I was going to open the pool and do all the necessary work on it myself as I saw no reason to pay the company that did the pool inspection the hundreds of dollars they quoted for the opening and the work that needed to be done. I immediately went online and ordered the parts I knew I would need along with a Taylor K-2006C test kit and Speed Stir.

    Since I've moved in, I've managed to get the pool open, turn the nasty green swamp the previous owner left into a sparkling oasis (this involved a drain/refill to lower CYA, and LOTS of bleach and Borax as there was no chlorine present at opening and the pH was so low it was off the scale), repair some broken plumbing at the equipment pad, and install a Stenner pump for adding liquid chlorine. I did this using what I learned from reading the forum here at TFP and haven't been in the pool store at all. TFP and the BBB method have saved me hundreds of dollars this year and for that I am very thankful! My pool is beautiful and sparkling, and thanks to this forum it doesn't take much to keep it that way. I've had lots of people see the pool and say they've never seen pool water look that good. I've been able to tell them all about this site and the BBB method. The only issue I have left to deal with are lots of wrinkles in my liner that were there when I purchased the house.

    So thank you again TFP. This is without a doubt the best pool forum on the net.

    I'm going to try to attach a few pictures for everyone's enjoyment.



    16x36 21,000 gal vinyl IG pool, American Products UltraFlow 1HP pump, Pentair Tagelus TA-60D sand filter, Stenner peristaltic pump feeding 12.5% liquid chlorine

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    Re: Hello, and Thank You TFP!

    Wow! Picture 1 & Picture 2 are certainly night & day. That sparkling oasis proudly shows your hard work.
    16k 17X33 IG Vinyl(2000), Pentair Intellifo Variable Speed Pump(2006), Hayward Sand Filter, Aqua Rite SWG w/T9 cell(repl 7/2011), Hayward Natl Gas Heater, TF100 w/magnetic stirrer

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    Re: Hello, and Thank You TFP!

    Welcome to tfp, topher77s

    You pool and equipment setup look great
    TFP Expert who uses Pool School and my TF100 test kit along with PoolMath for my: Round 11K gallon AGP with deep end, 20" sand filter, Matrix 1hp 2spd, 6 2ftX20ft solar panels (and solar cover!), Intex SWCG (copper bars disconnected) and a Rubadub hot tub (chlorine). The SLAM process is not finished until: 1. CC < 0.5 ppm, 2. An OCLT < 1.0 ppm and, 3. The water is crystal clear.

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    Re: Hello, and Thank You TFP!

    And the proof is in the water! For all you doubters, take a looksie.
    18'x48" AG
    Pentair 1 1/2 HP Dynamo Pump
    Sand Dollar Sand Filter w/ Zeobrite
    Lil Shark Vacuum System
    Hard Plumbed

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    Re: Hello, and Thank You TFP!

    Bookmarked for future posting.

    Don't delete those pictures!
    16K freeform gunite with spa; Pentair 4000 DE filter; Century Whisperflow 1 HP; Pentair Minimax heater.
    Troublefree does not mean Maintenancefree. It's like brushing your teeth: You can spend a couple minutes a day and pennies a week or go to the dentist once a year and spend several thousand dollars.
    A pool is like a pet - you have to feed it every day, even the days you don't want to play with it!

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