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Thread: ColorQ Pro 7 and Chlorine Testing Issue

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    ColorQ Pro 7 and Chlorine Testing Issue

    I just built a new pool and am attempting to maintain myself despite my pool company recommending I just drive a sample across town to their store once or twice a week for analysis and to purchase appropriate chemicals. I bought a Taylor Kit (works well but a bit tedious) and a ColorQ Pro 7.

    My pool is a 23,000 gallon vinyl liner pool with a saline chlorinator. My pool company told me to keep the total chlorine between 1-3PPM. Every time I test I'm in the high fours. Keep turning down my chlorinator. Now down to 20%. Continue to get readings in the fours. Took sample to my pool store and they said TC was 2.4 Perfect. Tested again at home. 4.7. Took sample to another pool store. 4.6. They told me this was perfect. Now I'm totally confused. What should my goal be using the ColorQ?

    Also, my pH on the ColorQ and Taylor is always in the 7.0 to 7.2 range. At my pool store it was 7.9. Went to the second pool store and they said 7.2.

    Know it's confusing story. Please help give me direction if you can. Thank you.
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    Re: ColorQ Pro 7 and Chlorine Testing Issue


    You have not mentioned your CYA level ... that is the key to know what the acceptable FC level is.

    Not many here "like" the ColorQ ... not reliable for some tests, especially if not calibrated.

    I suggest reading a lot of the articles in Pool School (button at upper right) to gain an understanding of pool chemistry.

    Feel free to ask questions as they come up.

    Take a look at this for the info we will need in order to offer advice:
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    Re: ColorQ Pro 7 and Chlorine Testing Issue

    Yes it can be confusing to get different info from numerous places. The important thing is that you are within the range. I use both a Color Q and a Taylor 2005. Usually my Chlorine and PH are almost dead on with both test kits. Now when it gets to the Alkalinity there is a slight difference and it's usually about 7 points between the two. The Color Q will read a 73 and the Taylor measures out to 80. Even if I went with the low number and added baking soda to raise it to 80, I'd still be within range.

    I feel pretty confident with the Color Q readings but I do compare them from time to time just to be sure. Sort like going to two different pool stores and having them test. BTW, pool stores are in business to make money and that they do with selling you product. Trust your at home readings especially if your water looks good. Also, I notice when I used to go to the pool stores the first question they asked was, "How does your pool water look?" Your answer will tell them if they can sell you something.
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