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Thread: I have a pool pilot dg220

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    I have a pool pilot dg220

    i have a pool pilot dg220, and i have had no problems until now...the system is about 4 years old...normally i get a salt reading of anywhere from say 2900 to 3500..below 2900 and it tells me to add salt...usually about 8 lbs...yesterday i checked the system and the salt read 5900...about once every other week i take a sample to pinch a penny and recalculate the salt based on their when i got the 5900 reading i tryed to recalculate the salt but it keeps coming back to 5900/6100...reading the owners manual, i find there is a tri sensor that controls the temp, salt and water flow...when i called pool pilot they told me if it was the sensor that i would get an error message...they said it might be the display board..($500.00) question is, should i change the tri sensor ($125.00) and take a chance it might fix it????..i can change out the sensor by myself, but i dont know about the display board...i would have to get a technician to change it out...thanks for your help...Bruce

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    Re: I have a pool pilot dg220

    it's possible that if there's a short in the tri-sensor cable, it will show a false high salt level. If there's an open circuit on the salinity, it will default to 75 degrees.
    It's also possible that if the display board is damaged, it may do anything too, including go into defrost mode, if your pump is wired to be controlled through the DIG.

    Check your tri-sensor cable to make sure there aren't any nicks or damage tot he cord. this includes removing the tri-sensor cord (on the old style units that have a separate cord and trisensor) and checking the 6 pins in the tri-sensor to make sure they aren't bent.
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    Re: I have a pool pilot dg220

    Thank you for the information...since i posted the problem, i have been told many things by many people...i have checked the tri sensor and the pins and cant find anything wrong...local pool guys says...must be the cell...sc36, but its still producing chorline...someone said check the display board to see if any fuses and they seem to be ok...the only thing wrong with the whole system is the salt reading and i just cant frigure it out...i guess i will have to pay the price and get someone out...if you have any additional info it would be appreciated...thanks

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    Re: I have a pool pilot dg220

    To calibrate the salt level I purchased a digital salt reader, this has been the saving grace for not over salting. It did cost a bit like $200 but it has been worth it. I have used it to set the salt level on the pool pilot
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