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Thread: Do-Over

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    At my wit's end. Received my TF-1000 kit on Thursday. Began testing to begin shocking pool to eliminate algae.

    Initial test, 8/9:
    FC: 7.5
    CC: 1
    TA: 130
    Calculator stated that my target FC should be 16 to shock. I miscalculated on the amount of bleach and added a little more than required. I continued testing throughout the day and evening with FC levels reading above 20. I did not add any additional bleach, but there was no change in the green color. I did brush pool 2 or 3 times.

    Friday, 8/10
    FC: 16
    CC: .5
    TA: 120
    pH: 7.8
    Referred back to the chart and calculator with those new numbers, getting a target shock level of 22. Added additional bleach and continued to test. FC levels varied throughout the day as: 25, 23, 19, 22 adding the recommended amount of bleach when FC dropped to the 19 reading and continued to brush the pool as best as I could.
    Did a final test at 9pm last night with a level of 20. Added 107 oz. of 6% bleach per the calculator.

    Saturday, 8/11:
    FC: 20
    CC: .5
    CYA:42 (Was between 40 and 50, closer to 40)
    TA: 130
    CH: 150
    Using 50 as the CYA level and a target shock level of 20. My FC level appears adequate for shock level. Did NOT add any additional bleach. I backwashed the filter, it was very green and gunky looking.
    Further testing so far today at 2 hour intervals gave me readings of 21 and then 23.

    I have NOT put anything into the pool but my FC numbers are rising??? I am completely perplexed. I am obviously doing something wrong and have spent hours reading through the pool school and other posts searching for some answers but can't seem to figure out what I am missing. Please help.
    Diane, OH-IO
    33 ft. round/25,700 gal. AG/ Hayward Power Flow Matrix 1.5 HP pump Hayward Sand Filter Model 8210T 2.2 ft since 2010

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    Re: Do-Over

    Why is your CYA level changing so much?
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    Re: Do-Over

    Quote Originally Posted by mpacheco72
    Why is your CYA level changing so much?
    The best answer I can give is just inexperience. I am new to testing on my own.
    Diane, OH-IO
    33 ft. round/25,700 gal. AG/ Hayward Power Flow Matrix 1.5 HP pump Hayward Sand Filter Model 8210T 2.2 ft since 2010

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    Re: Do-Over

    It can take a while to get get friendly with testing, esp the CYA test

    You really do not need nor want to test CYA every time/day. Reading the extended test kit instructions will be lots of help. linky: extended-test-kit-directions-t25081.html

    Actually, I suggest you just choose a number that seems reasonable based on three tests. I would say to use 50 CYA for now.

    The diff in the FC tests is probably just simple error. Be sure to use a heaping spoonful of powder or two spoonsful.

    After you add bleach/liquid chlorine, always wait at least half an hour w/pump running, before you retest. Take your time and don't let anyone interrupt you while you are counting drops (don't ask me why I say that )
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    Re: Do-Over

    I will continue to use 50 for my CYA level. Shock level should be FC of 20

    Can anyone give me possible reasons as to why my FC levels continue to remain stable and my pool water is not improving? Instructions on how to shock say that I should be testing every 30-60 minutes and adding more chlorine to sustain my chlorine shock level. I am not losing any chlorine? What does that mean?
    Thank you!
    Diane, OH-IO
    33 ft. round/25,700 gal. AG/ Hayward Power Flow Matrix 1.5 HP pump Hayward Sand Filter Model 8210T 2.2 ft since 2010

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    Re: Do-Over

    Post some pics of the water so we can see. Is it still green or more grey?

    As you kill algae you will need less chlorine. For me it turns grey then gets cleaned out by the filter.

    Adding DE to the filter helped me a lot. I noticed a difference in hours.

    Brushing daily is a must i learned the hard way. Like you I'm still new, but the people here will get your pool clear in no time.
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    Re: Do-Over

    Day 5 of the process:

    Pool is noticeably better. Color has gone from green to a light aqua. It is cloudy but we are beginning to see deeper. I can make out the shadows of the brush when I am sweeping. Sorry I haven't been able to post any pics.

    I have not retested the CYA and have been using 50 as my number.
    I have been maintaining my FC at 20 for the proper shock level. I have only been testing for chlorine levels. Is there anything else I should be watching during the shock process.

    Yesterday we added DE to the filter and I'm sure that is helping. It helped clear up the water earlier this summer before we tried BBB. We've been brushing each time we test the water, which is about every 90 minutes to 2 hours. I haven't been testing more frequently because I am not noticing a change in the FC dropping until about 2 hours. We've almost emptied our first bottle of R-0871.

    I will test tonight after sundown and again in the morning to see if there was a difference in my levels and also test the CC. This morning there was a drop of about 3, (from 21 to 19) from where I tested it last night.

    I am hoping that we are on the right path. Thank you everyone for your patience and help!!!
    Diane, OH-IO
    33 ft. round/25,700 gal. AG/ Hayward Power Flow Matrix 1.5 HP pump Hayward Sand Filter Model 8210T 2.2 ft since 2010

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