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Thread: dumb heatpump question

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    dumb heatpump question

    OK I have to at least ask..I am putting up a 15x30 54"deep above ground pool in upstate NY..It wont be up till late august...Please don't ask its a touchy subject and almost led to a divorce ..Anyway, I found a 55000 BTU aqua comfort "Rome industries" heat pump with very little use for 300 dollars...its way to small isn't it?

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    Re: dumb heatpump question

    Just going by the info I can gather online I'd say you are right on the line. I have seen 50,000BTU heaters rated for 13500 G and 55,000 BTU heaters rated for 11,000 G pools.....I think you are around 13,500 G
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    Re: dumb heatpump question

    Thanks Ross!! you have no idea how hard it is to say thanks "Ross"..... Its like the Niagara falls Abbott and Costello bit...slooooowly...anyway
    its like new was used two season and was $2300 new, he has settled at 400 plus threw in a pool alarm which I need..the only specs I could find say it can be used up to 13,500 gallon pool..I'm not looking to get my pool hot just want to give my kid a week in September to swim without hypothermia.

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    Re: dumb heatpump question

    Looks like i am late to this do you want to use a pool heater? Are you hoping to extend your season, or just get the water warmer during the season?

    In cold climates, and for most people, heat pumps are not a great choice. They really can't extend the season, since they do not work when the ambient temperature is low. If you just want warmer water during the normal season they can do that...again assuming your nights don't get too cold. For extending the season, gas heaters are really better suited, since they can heat even when ambient temperatures are a little lower and they can do it fast (assuming proper sizing and a cover on the pool). The cost however of the gas to do this can be high.
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    Re: dumb heatpump question

    im just looking to extend into mid September up here in NY, I wasn't considering a heater at all due to operating costs untill I saw this .. Chances are it will be hot again up here in Binghamton this september I just wanted a little reassurance. we average about 52 degrees at night and 75 during the day in September

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    Re: dumb heatpump question

    ahhh now he threw in a brand new poolguard alarm that I was just about to buy..Im at 200 dollars for a heat pump considering I just saved buying the alarm..Im thinking at worst it will be good for some cooler summer days..

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