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Thread: Using non-intex equipment with an Intex pool

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    Using non-intex equipment with an Intex pool

    I have a 12' x 36" metal frame pool. It has the in wall skimmer and pump attachment that is just not working to keep the water clear (as the typical stock filters that come with these pools do). We have a 1HP pump and sand filter that was given to us from someone that had a 15' x 48" above ground metal walled pool that we would like to make work with this pool. Since we are fairly new to the world of pool equipment, I would appreciate any advice that we could get on making these work. I would rather spend about $50 in some PVC and fittings than drop another $150+ on a new filter housing that is made to work with the pool when we have perfectly good equipment already. I am tired of dealing with this cloudy water already....

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    Re: Using non-intex equipment with an Intex pool

    That should work. One issue you might have is the flow/pressure might be so much that it will want to blow the return connection off, so you may need to upgrade your return fitting. In addition, the vacuum might be enough to collapse the very thin/flexible intex pipes, so an upgrade might be needed there. Bottom line, for sure with modifications, you will be able to get it work, but I would try it with what you have first.
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    Re: Using non-intex equipment with an Intex pool

    As far as the hoses go, we actually were given the hoses that connect the pump and filter, and are supposed to connect with the pool, the only place we really wouldn't be able to use them would be connecting them to the skimmer that came with the pool and at the return line (I may even have the return fitting that came with it?). That being said, my husband snagged their skimmer too, but not sure what condition it is in. If it is in decent shape, would it be possible to switch out the skimmers too? Basically our friends were losing their home and the pool was already drained (they were trying to sell it) when tropical storm Debbie made her visit to Florida and wrecked the wall, so when they moved they just scrapped the metal and gave us the equipment. I guess I really need to dig everything out and see what we have and don't have and go from there....

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    Re: Using non-intex equipment with an Intex pool

    Lots of users have modified their intex style pools to work with standard above ground pool equipment. You can read more about it in these threads.
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    Re: Using non-intex equipment with an Intex pool

    Hi there,
    We did a few mods to our Intex Ultra Frame (9X18 rectangular) by adding a through wall skimmer and a second return. We have a Hayward 1 hp pump and cartridge filter. We also added a fountain to the pull. It's pretty easy to do these mods. We are very challenged when it comes to DIY stuff, but after reading and posting questions on this board, we were able to pull it off.
    Here are a few links of our mods if you want to check them out...

    Good luck with your mods!
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    Re: Using non-intex equipment with an Intex pool

    Hi spoazzy1 and welcome to TFP!
    For sure you can do it!!
    I did it! Made my Intex into a more normal pool (vacuum system too!) and very easy to care for and using BBB methods taught here.
    Make sure you have a good test kit too!
    See here on how I did mine, my posts start at the bottom of page 1 and continue through the post.
    Use a 3/4 outlet for eyeball return size for a 1 HP/sand filter will get you going with 1 1/2 hoses or PVC.

    See here about test kits, I have the TF-100:

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