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Thread: Hello all

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    Hello all

    Hi all... I'm not "new" I've posted a few questions on the forum before, just up early on a Sat and thought I should post something here.

    In the past 6 month's my wife (just married 2 weeks ago) bought our first house - remodeled parts of the house (I realized I am NOT a carpenter), finished planning a wedding, got a new job, had our wedding (which included my family staying with us for 2 weeks).... Now we're just catching up on sleep..

    With the new house we acquired a beautiful in ground pool, but were literally told nothing about it, and neither one of us has had a pool before. Unfortunately the couple before us were going thru a pretty nasty divorce so they just basically packed up and left (which is where a lot of the "remodeling" came from. So that being said since then, with regards to the pool we have:

    • - Had a pool pump repaired, a booster pump for the spa. That same pump was replaced 2 weeks later and quote from the second repair man "I can't believe this was working at all, I get half my work from xyz company following him around and fixing his mistakes" We ended up moving our primary filter pump, a Hayward, and made that our new booster pump. And bought a Pentair VS for the new primary filter pump. Basically we took the pump that does the daily work of filtering the water and made that our booster pump. The new Pentair now does our primary filter. That change alone took our electric bill from $160 - $180 per month to $70 - $80 per month..
      - Heater fixed (turned out to be spiders in the gas line plugging up the holes)
      - Salt cell replaced
      - Misc. leaks in around our primary filtering system repaired
      - New screens for our Hayward filter
      - New hoses bought for the now old Hayward floor cleaner
      - Misc nets for cleaning the water
      - Butt load of chemicals to clean the original condition, and our little "algae" outbreak last weekend and some stainless steel brushes..
      - Manual cleaner for the spa (which didn't work)
      - New Vacuum for the pump
      - Latest purchase was a Dolphin cleaner for the floor as the Hayward is barely moving anymore. I hope this is our last major purchase...
    Pool: Salt; 35, 000 - 40, 000 gallon; Pebble-tec; Spa overflows into the pool; 3 hayward pumps and one Pentair IntelliFlo VS; slide and waterfall

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    Re: Hello all

    Hi skygremlin and welcome to TFP!

    Out of all that spending, I didn't see your Snap-On tool!
    Well, I do mean a TF-100 test kit...It is the Snap-On tool of the trade here at TFP.
    If you don't have one yet, go here to read about test kits:
    Get them here for the east coast:
    or west coast here: ... TF-100.htm

    Swim n Play 21' round, expandable 72" liner, 6FT deep center, buried 14", 12,750 Gallons
    Waterway 1HP-2 speed with 22" Sand filter
    TF-100 test kit
    Thanks to TFP my pool is perfect all the time :party:
    I now suffer from Sparklypoolitis! :whoot:
    I am a Platinum contributor because I want everyone who comes here to Trouble Free Pool to have the same success that I enjoy with my pool and family.

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