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Thread: still cloudy water and high chlorine level

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    still cloudy water and high chlorine level

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    Been reading this thread as I have been dealing with the same problems. I have a SWG system - that broke, along with leaks in the pool and solar heating system. I shut down the pool for a few days, got everything fixed and replaced, but in the meantime the pool turned green. So I went ahead and shocked it with 4 128 oz bottles of liquid shock, ran the pump for 2 days straight, vacuumed the pool, changed filters. Water went from green to non-green in a couple of days, but now the pool has been cloudy for almost a week now. I can not get back to crystal clear.

    Current readings (my test kit)
    FC: 4.0
    CC: 0
    PH: 7.8 (slightly high)
    TA: 100
    CYA: 50
    Salt: 3000

    All readings seem to be within reason. Every time my pool was cloudy was usually due to low chlorine. However, now the chlorine level went from shock level down to 4.0, so I am assuming all the algae has been killed off. It's not green.

    My next thought would be to just run the pool for 48 hours straight again and add salt as that number is a little low. Or do I just give it more time to clear up?
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    Re: still cloudy water and high chlorine level

    I kept my shock level at 20 for 6 days. When it dropped overnight, I knew there was algae still present. Even when the water was perfectly clear, if my FC dropped by too much, I kept it up.

    My pool is perfect now, thanks to this site, the good people that post here, and my new TF-100 test kit.

    Honestly, when I first got my kit and started getting advise from TFP, I was a little overwhelmed. I always listened to the so-called professionals at the pool stores to tell me what I needed to do. But, since what these so-called professionals were telling me was not working and I had gone for 3 weeks with greenish white water, I decided to take a deep breath and stuck to the advise I was getting from my new best friend - TFP. I learned SO MUCH from this site. No more buying chemicals at pool stores for me! All you get from them is a big void in your wallet where your money use to be, bad advise, and attitude to go with it. BTW - the last time I was in a pool store getting my water tested, I peeked in the room where they do the test. The woman was using a Test Strip to test my water!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Re: still cloudy water and high chlorine level

    Shocking your pool is a process and not something you can get done with just dumping 4 bottles of bleach in the pool. It has helped some, but with CYA at 50ppm you must maintain a FC level of around 20ppm as consistently as possible, until the pool clears, your CC is 0.5 or less and you have passed the overnight FC loss test. Until those 3 criteria have been met, you are not done shocking.

    It can take 3 to 7+ days to complete the process.
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