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Thread: About to get softub 300

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    About to get softub 300


    New here, just about to order a softub 300.

    I have done some searching around on this site and other, need some input from anyone or any Canadian readers.

    I'm going to build a customer deck around the softub and want to get the ground ready for installation. The patio space now is interlock. What I was going to do is pull all that up. I will be left with crushed limestone, I was going to put down landscaping fabric over the whole area and then add gravel.

    For the area with the softub put down the fabric (no gravel) and then a layer of play sand then insulation foam then let the softub sit on that.

    Does that sound like a good idea? or should I use slabs then foam

    My question is, what foam?

    Looking in home depot it seems many types of foam is made. Can someone recommend something sold here in Canada?

    One side of the softub will not be sunk into the deck so you will see the foam base, can it be painted, what type of paint?

    Softub: 300 Euro in Anthracite and Pearl with ozone

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    Re: About to get softub 300

    My Softub 220 sits on interlock, and looks great. Why are you going to all the trouble to rip up the interlock and replace it with something else? If it is level, just Roundup any vegetation in the cracks, and put the tub on it. If it is not level, just get some sand, and relevel and recompact.

    I am not sure if the foam underneath would provide any great cost savings, as I probably spend only $10 to $20 a month for electricity, and my electricity (PEI) is quite expensive. However, there is very little insulation on the bottom of the tub, so it certainly wouldn't hurt. You would need rigid foam board such as the following: You can trim it with a knife, and paint it black or the same colour as the tub before putting the tub on it.
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    Re: About to get softub 300

    Thank you for the reply, your right I'm going to leave down the interlock, it's almost level so again some sand and the foam board and I should be set.

    Someone said to me pink foam but I was unsure so this confirms it.

    Hope to order the softub in a week or two, still building the deck
    Softub: 300 Euro in Anthracite and Pearl with ozone

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