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Thread: cloudy pool need help

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    cloudy pool need help

    intex 16x48 ultra frame pool
    Hayward s144 filter system
    TF-100 test kit

    Test results
    Tc- 7
    Ph-7.8/8.2 (color was hard to tell which was closer)
    T/A- 150
    CYA- 0
    Temp 80

    about 5 days ago we had storms moving in so i put the solar cover on to minimize debris in the pool ,had rain for for several days so i just left cover on,.. after the weather broke i took cover off only to find the pool turned green. turned on the filter (its on a timer to run 4hrs a day) shocked it with 4 cups of chlorine and added HTH Algae Guard 3x. ( i guesstimated and didn't measure amount needed and think i went to much because the pool gets soap like bubbles when splashing accrues) well the green went away and pool was nice and clear now for the past 2 days the water is cloudy . i have turned on the pump and under continuous filtering and is improving but not crystal clear yet what should i do? my Cya was at a good level(40) when i set up pool dont know why it dropped to zero.
    Intex 16x48 ultra frame

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    Re: cloudy pool need help

    1st-Read and re-read Pool School
    2nd-Your PH is too high-You can lower PH with muriatic acid or dry acid/PH Reducer. You can get an estimate of the amount of acid to use with The Pool Calculator. Keep in mind that the amount of acid required can vary from the estimate. If your test kit includes the acid demand test, you can use that to calculate the amount of acid required more precisely. Allow at least 30 minutes after adding acid, with the pump running, before testing the PH again.
    3rd- the algae killer that you put in will cause suds

    The cloudiness is dead algae. Keep doing the shocking PROCESS:
    Measure the FC level
    Add enough chlorine to bring FC up to shock level (or a little higher)
    Repeat steps 1 and 2 as frequently as practical, but not more than once per hour, and not less than twice a day, until:
    CC is 0.5 or lower;
    An overnight FC loss test shows a loss of 1.0 ppm or less;
    And the water is clear.
    Brush the entire pool once a day
    Backwash or clean the filter as needed
    24 ft. round ABG-vinyl-15200 gallon
    Sand Filter w/1 1/2 HP pump
    Installed May 2011
    Taylor K-2006 test kit
    BBB method

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