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Thread: small flying bugs

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    small flying bugs

    we are having a terrible problem with thousands of these lil flying bugs that look like night they swarm around the pool, climbing around the edge and fall into the water. Im talking these things are everywhere...about the size of a fruit fly and have caused me to pull my hair out the past three days....any suggestions on how to get rid of them...I know its kind of a shot in the dark bc im not exactly sure what they are to be honest...they have wings and like I said about the size of a fruit fly...they have white wings and are more brown than black...

    thanks for any advice!

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    Re: small flying bugs

    Not sure you can do much if they aren't being born in the water. I would say just make sure you run the filter enough to keep them cleared out. Do you have any sort of light in the pool?
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    Re: small flying bugs

    You might try something like a citronella torch? Other than that it's tough to do much in that situation. Or just throwing one of those big mosquito nets over the whole pool though that would make it tough to swim

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    Re: small flying bugs

    someone said maybe they were springtails...Ill try the dawn dish soap trick and see what happens...these ones have wings, so im not 100% sure if thats what they are or not....

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    Re: small flying bugs

    I had the exact problem. Google "Springtails" and see if that is what you have. Like you said, the hop around like fleas, but dont bite. Sometimes it looked like someone took a pepper shaker around the pool. They dont fly but rather they get there from the grass and are looking for a water source. I tried everything i could find and nothing worked until: I sprayed the yard with an insect treatment (the kind that hooks to the hose) and bought Spectracide granules (link below). I edged around the concrete with my edger and made a pretty big groove. I used a funnel to get the granules in the edged groove. I could not believe it BUT I have not seen another single one. Try it! It has been about 3 weeks and I have family in town next week so am going to treat again just for the heck of it.
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    Re: small flying bugs

    thanks 9!! ill give it a go!

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