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Thread: Super cloudy water/phosphates/tried it all/HELP!! :-)

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    Super cloudy water/phosphates/tried it all/HELP!! :-)

    Hi. We are new pool owners and were surviving ok until now. I am currently very concerned about our water situation!

    We have an 18x36 vinyl IG- 28,000 gallons- Hayward S200 sand filter (installed 3 years ago, but I don't know the flow rate or pump size) we live in Ohio.

    Our real problems started after the week or so of rains. I have not been holding a good chlorine reading really all summer, but after the rains my water became very cloudy. I went through every cloudy remedy 1 by 1- muriatic acid, borax, shock (4 1b bags)- and not one of them helped. Backwashed the filter, and nothing. Worried, I went to the pool store with my water sample on 7/28:

    TC 0.3
    FC 0.0
    PH 8.2
    TA 165
    CH 200
    Stabilizer 0

    He also tested for phosphates, which was positive for VERY high levels. I treated the pool with the phosphate remover, then used the clarifier 24 hours later and my water looked worse! I shocked with 5 1 lb bags and waited another 24 hours to go in again. Water results on 7/30:

    TC 1.6
    FC 1.6
    PH 7.6
    TA 120
    CH 300
    Stabilizer 25

    We retested for phosphates- levels were still VERY high, a little lower than before, but not significantly enough. I treated again for phosphates and also used a copper based algaecide. Waited 24 hours and shocked the pool again- 4 1lb bags of shock. All along I have been testing my water with test strips and the OTO and Ph drops. My PH seems balanced between 7.2-7.6 over these last 2 days. My TC level has been virtually non existent until I shocked again. The filter has been running 24/7 for 5 days now. I have tried muriatic acid again, the water is still very milky like cloudy- muriatic acid always cleared up the water before. I have seen some algae in the skimmer even after the algaecide. I am just at a total loss at this point.

    Oh- and somewhere along in here I have also used metal control, we are on a well. And about 10 days ago I added stabilizer because I never got a reading on that on the strips. The water is milky with a greenish/blue tint in the sunlight.

    I would really love to be doing this but unfortunately am really doing this !

    I really appreciate any help on this...
    Thank you so much!!
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    Re: Super cloudy water/phosphates/tried it all/HELP!! :-)

    Welcome to TFP!

    Please get yourself a high quality test kit such as the TF-100 from Without being able to accurately test your pool water, there is really no way to know what is happening in there.

    Don't buy any more phosphate remover or algaecide. Phosphates are not your problem. Lack of chlorine is your problem. If your CYA is actually 25, then the absolute minimum FC you should have in there is 3.5. Please read Pool School, purchase a good test kit, and we will get your pool squared away.

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    Re: Super cloudy water/phosphates/tried it all/HELP!! :-)

    We have very similar pools. I recently joined TFP and everything I have learned from this website is priceless.

    You will then have control of your pool.

    Your biggest problem is not having enough chlorine and stabilizer (cya). Every time the sun comes out, your chlorine is disintegrated into thin air because your stabilizer is too low (need 50-60ppm). The pool store will keep you buying algae remover and phosfree ****, that will not cure the problem. Since I followed the shocking process on here, I haven't added one drop of chlorine or spent $1 on my pool in over a week. I have a SWG, if you don't, you will need to add a little chlorine everyday as maintenance, after you shock correctly for a couple days.

    The pool store will have you coming back every other day. They don't tell you how to shock the pool correctly, like they do here.
    Remember . . . there is no money in a cure - just like in healthcare.

    Trust this site, buy the test kit. Don't go back to the pool store unless they have a sale on shock.
    Post your tests results once you get the test kit, you might want to buy the XL.
    2004 - 36'x18' 26000 Gallons - IG-vinyl, Hayward 244t sand filter=300lbs, Jandy HP plus 1-1/2hp pump, Jandy LX-400L heater, Jandy AquaPure1400 Chlorine Generator (salt), Polaris 480 robot

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    Re: Super cloudy water/phosphates/tried it all/HELP!! :-)

    Hi Bonbon5 and welcome to TFP!

    All of the advice you will get here will most likely go against pool store advice.
    The key to success is your own test kit. You WILL be the master of your pool then and the pool WILL do as it told to do with proper chemical additions, filtering and brushing pool.
    Read here:
    Test kit here:
    or here on the west coast: ... TF-100.htm

    Once the pool is corrected with the chemistry, maintenance is very easy.
    This will be overwhelming at first, but will become very elementary soon.

    Read this here:

    This is what I did and TFP saved me from getting rid of my 1st pool, well I did get rid of it...To get a BIGGER one!

    Swim n Play 21' round, expandable 72" liner, 6FT deep center, buried 14", 12,750 Gallons
    Waterway 1HP-2 speed with 22" Sand filter
    TF-100 test kit
    Thanks to TFP my pool is perfect all the time :party:
    I now suffer from Sparklypoolitis! :whoot:
    I am a Platinum contributor because I want everyone who comes here to Trouble Free Pool to have the same success that I enjoy with my pool and family.

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