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Thread: My first test results

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    My first test results

    Ok here it goes. I Tested tonight after using the dichlor for the first four night. I think I'm off on the number of gallons we have in our pool. It's not completely full. Also, the intex pump that it came with started giving me fits last night. I dont know if it ran like it was supposed too. My new pump should be here this Thursday. I used the calculator and the advice of this forum and have added 128 oz of dichlor over the four days. I'm worried about the next couple of days with my pump on the fritz. Water is clear although the bottom needs vacuumed. Here are my scary numbers

    FC 13.5
    CC .5
    TA 170
    CH 210
    CYA < 20 (was getting hard to see but didnt completely go away)
    PH 6.8-7.2ish (has fallen from 7.8 over last four days)

    So now what do I do? I intend on adding more water but we are on a voluntary water restriction and on the verge of a mandate. I would say its 95% full. Full equals 16297 gallons. Thanks in advance
    28ft AG Doughboy Autumn Breeze, 1.5hp DB Powerline XP 1 pump, DB Sand Filter MM 1900 (19inch), Doughzone Generator (ozone purification), TF-100 test kit.

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    Re: My first test results

    Get the PH up, I think Dichlor makes it drop. CYA up more would be good too. As long as you match the 3 criteria for shocking in pool school you're doing good on that side.
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    Re: My first test results

    Aerate to increase pH and reduce TA as per pool school, that will let you keep on using dichor as a sanitiser untill you get your CYA up also

    Aeration lowers TA (moderatly) and increases pH (moderately)
    Dichlor lowers pH (a little) whilst increasing FC (a lot) and increasing CYA (a little)

    If you want you get your CYA up quicker you might wish to use a stabiliser aka Cyanuric Acid to get to the desired levels and switch to bleach/sodium hypo.

    Stuart Murray
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    Re: My first test results

    Hi Edn35,
    My understanding with AGP, (not Intex ring pools) a full pool is 6" from advertised.
    Yours is a 24' x 52", would be 46" full. This is 3.83 FT
    In the Pool Calculator I get 15200 gallons.
    In my case with my 21' Swim N Play, I had to work with figures and results because mine is a deep center.
    Good to hear your upgrading your Intex pump, best thing I did when I had my 1st pool (Intex 15x48) and now have the same pump system on my new rebuilt 21'.
    Your pool is big enough (not temporary pool) that I would just go right to bleach or liquid chlorine and add all chemicals separately.
    This helped me way better with learning what does what... much easier instead of multi-compound products.

    Definitely get the TA down, more CYA, min. 40ppm (unless you need to shock pool water)
    Pool School outlines How to lower TA here:

    My TA was 160 and pH was always high! Got it lowered to 100 and pH stays pegged at 7.5 all the time even with a pool full of wild kids!
    I have about 85% sun during the day, so I set my CYA @ 50ppm and works much better for less chlorine loss during the day.

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    I now suffer from Sparklypoolitis! :whoot:
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    Re: My first test results

    Thank you everyone!
    28ft AG Doughboy Autumn Breeze, 1.5hp DB Powerline XP 1 pump, DB Sand Filter MM 1900 (19inch), Doughzone Generator (ozone purification), TF-100 test kit.

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