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Thread: Bought new Intex 18' Ultra Frame But Not Ready For It

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    Bought new Intex 18' Ultra Frame But Not Ready For It

    So I ordered an 18'x48" ultra frame from Walmart. It's scheduled to be delivered this week, but I'm having some trees taken down (hopefully this week) and I don't want to install it until the trees are down as to avoid any damage. I live in NY, so I doubt putting it up now will be worth it seeing as I'd have to take it down in September and I'd be using well water to fill it up, so it would probably take a week or so just to fill. So let's say I let it sit in my garage, and next year I open it to go put it up and I notice a hole in the liner or something damaged, will Walmart still accept the return? Basically the first year of the warranty will be while it's sitting in the garage and that's what I'm concerned about. What do you guys suggest?
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    Re: Bought new Intex 18' Ultra Frame But Not Ready For It

    Around here (MN) some people leave them up over the winter.
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    Re: Bought new Intex 18' Ultra Frame But Not Ready For It

    Walmart's return policy on pools states that they will only accept returns on pools within 30 days of purchase.
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    Re: Bought new Intex 18' Ultra Frame But Not Ready For It

    Intex states in all their paperwork to not return it to the store. I would consider setting it up if the ground will be ready for it and just treat it like any other above ground pool and plan on winterizing it.

    I set ours up this summer hastily and am not 100% happy with everything so I will be draining and taking it down then early spring get the yard just the way I want and then set it up and not take it down until I need to replace it...

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Re: Bought new Intex 18' Ultra Frame But Not Ready For It

    I know the EasySet pools were pretty hardy in my opinion the few years we had one -- we drained and left it lay on the ground and then would refill in the spring after a good scrubbing. Never had a problem. Don't know how one of those would do winterizing since the blow up ring would probably deflate.
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    Re: Bought new Intex 18' Ultra Frame But Not Ready For It

    Speaking of Easy set pools ...We set ours up in the beginning of June. Got the SWG...and we have belonged to the Sparklypools club, thanks to troublefreepools website.!!We live in Northeast Ohio..and endured the many 90 degree days. When we drain(hopefuly not for another month or so..Should we have any concerns with draining 5500 gallons of water(SALTWATER)enviromentally?We have a septic and plan on draining into the woods that surround us.
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    Re: Bought new Intex 18' Ultra Frame But Not Ready For It

    I drained my EasySets onto the lawn around the pool. I just sat on the top edge of the pool and let the water rush around me. I can't tell you how many times I have done this over the years. Those EasySets could (should) be called EasyGreen given the number of times mine turned green on me.
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