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Thread: Looking for a pool cleaner

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    Looking for a pool cleaner

    I am thinking about upgrading our pool cleaner. We have a Hayward pool cleaner now. I keep an eye on our pool water and have it tested at Leslies each week (just around the corner). Yesterday I noticed there was A LOT of green in our pool, mainly on the bottom on the shallow end. I added a bunch of conditioner, Chlor Brite, and Acid per Leslies recommendation. I then started up the cleaner but it's just not cleaning that well. The guys at Leslies looked at Hayward and said technically there is nothing wrong with the unit - just old and very worn. They said that I can go on the cheaper side, or on the more expensive side they recommended the Dolphin cleaner. Does anybody have any recommendations to get or not get with regards to my pool. Please see below for my pool specs.

    • Pebble-tec botttom - I'm VERY concerned with this as I've read other reviews from people saying that certain cleaners ruined parts of their floor and they had to get it refinished
      35, 000 - 40, 000 gallon pool
      Salt pool
      Spa is connected to one side and overflows into the pool
      There are 2 benches in the water - one is under the waterfall
      There is also an alcove on the deep end that is about 16" deep. It has a rock in the middle where we put in a Umbrella.

    Leslies provides a full warrant on the Dolphin unit. So if anything happens to the unit I take it to them and they fix it for free. They have the unit on sale and ends today. I was debating on picking it up for the price and returning it if necessary..
    Pool: Salt; 35, 000 - 40, 000 gallon; Pebble-tec; Spa overflows into the pool; 3 hayward pumps and one Pentair IntelliFlo VS; slide and waterfall

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    Re: Looking for a pool cleaner

    I have a Polaris 360 that I'm quite happy with. I have also heard/read good things about the Pentair Legend/Legend II and Dolphin Premier. The Dolphin Premier is self-powered ( and the Legend II does not require a booster pump ... -ii-86.htm?

    I have not heard of an instance where a cleaner ruined the pool floor, so I will defer to others to post any experiences with that. If the pool was recently resurfaced, I would follow whatever instructions the plasterer/resurfacer gives you to a "T" to maintain your warranty.

    Regardless of which cleaner you choose, I would keep it in the pool only when you are actively using it as opposed to always having it in there whether it's needed or not (as many of my friends do). Store it out of direct sunlight when not in use. Also, a pool cleaner does not eliminate the need for occasional brushing (yeah, I know...brushing isn't my favorite task either but it is a necessary evil).

    BTW, here's another TFP thread discussing the Dolphin Premier: and one that discusses the Pentair Legend:

    A final note: Consider posting your pool info in your signature (go to User Control Panel…Profile…Edit Signature). That way, it automatically appears in all your posts.
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    Re: Looking for a pool cleaner

    thank you
    Pool: Salt; 35, 000 - 40, 000 gallon; Pebble-tec; Spa overflows into the pool; 3 hayward pumps and one Pentair IntelliFlo VS; slide and waterfall

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    Re: Looking for a pool cleaner

    With that nice of a pool I would not rely upon Leslies to test and manage your water.

    I learned from all on this site and stopped going to the pool store and buying useless chemicals and additives.

    I have a salt pool and only use Muratic Acid once the pool is balanced at the beginning of the season. All other items like CYA, Calcium, Salt etc
    are balanced out only because I drain 2 feet of water out of my pool when I close it. Otherwise all is good except PH and sometimes Alkalinity which again I use Muratic acid to manage.

    Get a good test kit and test and manage your water yourself.

    I guarantee it will be worth your time - and your pool will always be clean and safe.

    And the pebble tec is much harder than plaster so it would take a lot to ruin that surface -- unless your water was way out of balance and or you had a lot or hard minerals in your water- from say well water.
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    Re: Looking for a pool cleaner

    thanx I have a test kit, but haven't opened it yet. It's one from Home Depot. Do you have one you recommend? We have a lot of vegetation around the pool and constantly are skimming it. They've been having me put in this PhosFree stuff in once a week, every now and then salt and acid... I put the Dolphin and it has problems climbing the sides on the concave corners, and the clean the filter light turns on within 5 minutes of use (after being cleaned) I'm going to talk to them about that... Frustrating...
    Pool: Salt; 35, 000 - 40, 000 gallon; Pebble-tec; Spa overflows into the pool; 3 hayward pumps and one Pentair IntelliFlo VS; slide and waterfall

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