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    Hi. We recently set up an 18x 48 intex pool in our backyard. Once I got the chlorine levels right, the ph level has been continually low for the past week or so. The stabilizer has also been low, but I read that if everything else was ok, but that was low not to worry too much, and that it was really hard to lower once too high, so I didn't worry about that.

    I read online about how low ph levels can be unsafe to swim in (it has been about 6.8 ish) and can corrode the metal in the pool, so first I added ph plus to the pool. I looked on the chart and calculated what I needed, which was 39 g. So I added that powder, and the next few days, nothing changed.

    I then continued to search online and read that shocking the pool can level out the ph level and the stabilizer. So I bought a product called "shock extra" which used a form of dichlor. I again calculated how much needed (7600 gallons, so the chart said 3 3/4 oz, which was about 1/4 of the 1 lb packet). I broadcast that in the pool in the evening two days ago and waited overnight. Again, chlorine levels fine, alkalinity fine, ph low and stabilizer low (ph has remained pretty constant at 6.8).

    So then I added more ph plus (this time to be honest, I added about 50 g because we are going out of town tomorrow and I was worried about it being low for the whole week we are gone!). That was last night and then this a.m. i checked the pool and ACCCCCCKKKKKKKK!!! The ph was WAY too high, (8.2), and now the alkalinity was high too (I can't remember the exact number, but the one right above the OK level-using test strips), and now the stabilizer is in the OK range, but higher in that range than lower. Chlorine is ok still. WHAT DO I DO?

    We are leaving town for a week tomorrow and I am super stressed about getting this figured out before we leave. PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!! I read that you can lower ph with miuratic acid, but where do I buy this and how do I use, or do I just use ph minus from Walmart? I really need help.....

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    muriatic acid and ph minus are more or less the same stuff. Either or will work but muriatic acid is often cheaper. It can be found at lowes, home depot, or other hardware stores in the paint section. If the ph is 8.2 (high levels all read 8.2 often as that's the "cap" of the test) then you'll have few issues for now until you get back. Try to lower it to 7.5.

    How are you testing?

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