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Thread: "dirt" on bottom of pool

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    "dirt" on bottom of pool

    We have an above ground, intex pool... 20 x 4. Our water is clear but we cant get rid of the 'dirt'/sediment on the bottom of the pool. When we vacuum, it just blows right back into the pool, turnng the water cloudy. We are using the pump that came with the pool and a new filter.
    What can we do? Should we just vacuume to waste? Does anyone have this problem?
    Pls help, this is soooo frustrating!

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    Re: "dirt" on bottom of pool

    "dirt" is very often dead algae. Can you post a set of test results?
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    Re: "dirt" on bottom of pool

    th 200
    fc 2/4
    ph 7.2
    ta 120
    cya 30

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    Re: "dirt" on bottom of pool

    Vacuum to waste or buy a better pump/filter combo. I had the same issue with the Intex cartridge and bought the 1650 combo they offer and the problem is gone.

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    Re: "dirt" on bottom of pool

    try stuffing the center of the filter cartridge with a sock and put a sock over the output (we used a hair elastic to keep ours attached). Rinse them OFTEN, like every hour. Sort of a redneck way of doing it but worth a try.

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    Re: "dirt" on bottom of pool

    Clean cartridges (std intex spun fiber type) actually let fines through better than a slightly plugged filter cartridge.
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    Re: "dirt" on bottom of pool

    I had luck with a cotton sock rubber-banded onto the return. Also, I think someone on here once posted that they put the filter in pantyhose - I've never tried that, but I think it is worth a shot.
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    Re: "dirt" on bottom of pool

    I have a 2 y.o. filter That works great for catching fine particles (dead algae, silt) but do not know the maker and have not been able to find any more like it... The ones that look like dryer sheets, are not effective IMO in filtering anything but big chunks, bug parts, tiny malformed acorns (about the size of lentils, smaller actually)... But I have had better luck with the unicel 4607... And boy do they rinse clean... The pool store operator I bought them from said they would rinse clean and last 2 far she was right about cleaning. Hope they last like she said...(she may be among the more reliable store owners.... When I questioned her about cya she gave all the right answers!!) I have only been in her store 2x to buy filters --- have never done testing with her... But I am glad she stocks and recc that filter.

    Could you fill in the details about your pool? It would help others here to help you... Here's how


    Also, before I found the unicel I did "vac to waste" but since I don't have that as a setting on my pump/filter, I ended up doing that by siphon... Use the search box in the lowest left hand corner of this page for instructions how....because vac to waste does take a lot of water, I duct taped over half of the hole on the vac head, and moved the vac very slowly so as not to stir up what had settled.

    Some people here have used floc or clarifier for clean ups, but if used incorrectly they can cause a much bigger problem.... So, most here do not recc them... So weigh carefully the pros and cons if you lean in that direction... (again search and read up) It's tempting when you see a bottle on a shelf that promises lots of results That being said I have used it once (post vacation clean up) with good result...

    And lastly, most importantly perhaps, resign yourself to the idea it will likely take days to a week to get it all cleaned up if you don't have one of thse handy dandy sand, or other bigger filter systems.

    And brush, brush, brush.. Just took a toothbrush to the seams around the edges today.... Soooo glad I did.... With all the rain and lots of recent heavy use, prob stopped a future algae bloom if cl levels were to drop... Found some spots of ick... So, just because the water looks clean and your testing numbers are good, doesn't mean stuff won't be lurking, waiting for you to turn your back...

    It can be done with the smaller set-ups and be kept that will just have to be vigilant with your testing, adjusting and cleaning.... Good luck!!

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