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Thread: Water's clear, BUT here are my readings ....

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    Water's clear, BUT here are my readings ....

    2000 gallon pool (AG, ring pool, 14' round)
    Cartridge filter, one month old pool

    I did not add any bleach last night, as it was raining. But I was surprised to see these "0" readings. Am I using the right end of the scoop for the FC/CC test? It's tiny, right?

    FC = 0, or less than 1
    CC = 0
    TA = 140
    CH = 60
    pH = 8.2
    CYA = 30

    Taking care of the high TA and pH looks daunting to me. When I tested last week, and the week before the TA was fine. Is this happening because of the few rainstorms we've been having?
    I'm guessing I should be going out to find some muriatic acid?

    Thanks for your help, in advance!

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    Re: Water's clear, BUT here are my readings ....

    TA won't rise unless you've been adding hard water. Rain water is not hard water. But TA and aeration caused by rain will drive pH up. If you haven't been filling from the hose, and TA went up, I'd suspect testing error. You're not, by chance, using test strips are you?

    Just plug your numbers into the pool calculator and adjust pH to 7.4. TA will take care of itself as long as you keep pH in the comfort zone.

    And get some bleach in there before you have to start one of those "My pool turned green" threads!
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