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Thread: Results TF-100 Kit

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    Results TF-100 Kit

    I've been reading the sight, postings and went to pool school. Honestly I feel like my brain is going to explode with all of the information I'm trying to absorb. Right now its a little bit of information overload. I think once I get the pool in balance, the BBB will become pretty much idiot proof. This my 2nd year as a pool owner and based on what I've read on this sight, I haven't done too much correctly taking advice from my local friendly pool store employee. My pool water has always been clear and the test sticks always read everything was fine. I ordered to TF-100 kit after finding this sight and just took my first readings today. Here are the results.

    FC: 15
    CC: 0
    Ph: 7.2
    TA: 100
    CYA: 100

    Last night I did the quick test from the blue box (Taylor kit) and the Ph was below 6.8 so I added a box of Borax. It brought the Ph up to 7.2 per this mornings readings. Also, I do have a chlorinator and have been using HTH Dual Action Chlorinating Tablets which have stabilizer and algaecide which I suspect is why my FC is so high.

    My main concern is the health of my family swimming in the pool with these current readings. I have a 7 month old daughter who loves the pool. I read the pool calculator and based on the recommendations I'm to add more Borax along with baking soda.

    * Are these current readings at safe levels for adults and especially a 7 month old to swim?
    * Any other recommendations on how to bring my levels with the "recommended levels" range in pool school?
    * Can I get by for the next 2 months or so ( I live in the Northeast so pool closes around mid-September) without having to drain my pool of water to get CYA down?

    I appreciate any advice or opinions.
    24500 gal, Vinyl Above Ground
    2 HP - 2 speed Waterway Pump
    200 sqft cartidge
    Was using Hayward Chlorinator CL220 but switched to BBB in July

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    Re: Results TF-100 Kit

    1. Your pool is just fine to swim in. FC is just a little high but pull the pucks from your chlorinator and it will start to come down.

    2. You only have one issue that I see.....your CYA is twice as high as it should be.....most surely from the use of pucks. You can maintain FC up around 8-12ppm for the rest of the summer since it's getting a little late or you can do a 50% frain/refill to reduce your's the only way to lower it.

    In either case, stop using the pucks and switch to chlorine (bleach).
    Dave S.
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    Re: Results TF-100 Kit

    Thanks Dave for the quick response. Much appreciated!
    24500 gal, Vinyl Above Ground
    2 HP - 2 speed Waterway Pump
    200 sqft cartidge
    Was using Hayward Chlorinator CL220 but switched to BBB in July

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