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Thread: Brown flakes in filter cavity

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    Brown flakes in filter cavity

    Hello all,

    Apologies for my ignorance in advance. I just "inherited" a used Dimension One Aurora II Ultralife. This is the first Spa / Pool I've ever owned (unless you count those plastic kiddie pools!) and have been reading up here about cleaning, decontaminating, etc. What a (sometimes overwhelming) wealth of info! Before you even ask, yes I have a k-2006 kit in hand It sat unused for who knows how many years, and it must have been left full when last used - there was a foot or two of water left in it that was quite... gross to say the least.

    In my effort to clean this bugger out I've come across an issue. In the cavity where the filters go there appears to be some tan / beige substance. At first before my cleaning efforts it started at the top of the cavity and went down 4" give or take. Now its only at the top inch. It is very hard/brittle. With some effort I can chip the loose parts out with a finger nail. When you bend the flake it snaps. I don't think its algae or mold, it doesn't pull apart or get mushy. What on earth is it? After all the years it sat unused could it be some sort of algae that hardened? My guess is some kind of pipe sealant when it was assembled. I figured if it was a contaminate it would extend the whole length of the cavity.

    Thoughts? Thanks for any input.

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    Re: Brown flakes in filter cavity

    Just to make it clear - this stuff is adhered to the top of the cavity all the way around it. It only flakes off after I scrape at the thinner area. The heavier area may scrape off if I tried with a screwdriver or other implement. I don't know if I should just leave it alone or if its something that needs to be taken care of.

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    Re: Brown flakes in filter cavity

    A picture might help...I am not familiar with what you are describing.
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    Re: Brown flakes in filter cavity

    Didn't think I could get a clear enough pic due to the angles, but looks like it came out ok.
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    Re: Brown flakes in filter cavity

    It's looking like it may have been some dried up algae or other organic stuff. After using spa system flush and letting it soak a majority of it changed to a slightly lighter color and was easy to peel off. Not sure what to do about the rest of it... Guess I'll keep chipping away at it with a screwdriver. Maybe more will loosen up when I do the superchlorinate phase of the decontamination. I may do a second round of flush after that. Strange it's only in that area.

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