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Thread: Need advice. PB mistake. DE vs cartridge

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    Need advice. PB mistake. DE vs cartridge

    My pool is almost done. It is supposed to be filled tommorow. I just got home and noticed the PB installed a DE filter instead of a cartridge. We had agreed on a cartridge all along and never even considered a de filter. I don't know anything about them. The PB is telling me he made a mistake but that I am actually getting a better filter and will not charge me the difference if I decide to keep it. If I want to go back to the cartridge it will put off filling the pool till next week.

    My questions are:
    1 Am I getting a better filter? (I'm sure there are different opinions on this.)
    2 what are the pros and cons?
    3 is there really a cost difference?

    I know you guys can't tell me what to do and ultimately I need to decide for my self but since this is my first pool and know nothing about DE filters your opinions will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Need advice. PB mistake. DE vs cartridge

    1 & 2) I think so, DE cleans better and is cheap to replace the DE. The rest of the filter will last for years
    3) Pretty sure DE cost more but I assume it would depend on the brand & size of each. With that said, what size filter is it? You don't want one that is too small.
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    Re: Need advice. PB mistake. DE vs cartridge

    Link to article in Pool School. pool-school/pool_filter_comparison
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    Re: Need advice. PB mistake. DE vs cartridge

    Thanks for the link. I read it and learned alot about the different filters so now I am totally undecided. I guess I will sleep on it and make a decision in the morning.

    By the way it is a Pentair DE quad 100.

    Thanks for the replies.
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    Re: Need advice. PB mistake. DE vs cartridge

    Certainly not better, different. The exact price comparison depends on the specific models, but generally they cost about the same.

    DE filters are slightly better at filtering the smallest particles, but require more attention/effort, especially if you should ever get algae. Handling DE is just slightly dangerous (you don't want to breathe in the dust).

    The Pentair Quad DE line is very well thought of.
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    Re: Need advice. PB mistake. DE vs cartridge

    Are you in an area with drought or water restrictions? DE - like sand - requires backwashing which will use a bit more water than cartridge filter washings.
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    Re: Need advice. PB mistake. DE vs cartridge

    Think of it a bit like you would a vacuum cleaner, you could get the traditional bag style little mess that does an ok job (cartridge) or the super sucking vortex cleaner (DE) that takes a bit more attention and dumps everything in a bin that you have to hose out and deal with. This may be a bit of an oversimplification, but you get the idea. Both work, and make the water clean enough, the DE just makes it cleaner (particle wise), so the question is which type personality do you have, do you smell the socks you wore yesterday and say, clean enough to use again today, or do you smell the socks fresh out of the dryer and say, maybe these need to be washed again?

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    Re: Need advice. PB mistake. DE vs cartridge

    I have DE filter and I do not need to backwash. I can bump or regenerate the filter to extend the life of the DE media. I just went 6 weeks without needing to do anything but bump my filter. I did need clean the fingers of my filter but the filter media cost me less than $6 dollars for the media I used.

    I lose about 10 gallons or less water from my pool when I clean. I clean my filter opposed to backwashing as I find it to be less work than setting up a backwash hose, doing the backwash, dealing with the water (as I have no drain for it), cleaning the BW hose and dealing with the effluent from the backwash.

    It is a double edged sword, when things are clear, it works perfectly and produces extremely clear water almost immediately. If there is a lot of debris/algae it will require a dedicated effort but it is a high demand/high efficiency type process. This is as opposed to slower process with a sand filter that requires less immediate effort and may have slower water clearing times. Filters are between the two extremes with less effort a higher filter media cost for replacement filter(s0. Some cartridge units require as many as four cartridge but can filter almost as well as a DE.

    My run times are 2-4 hours per day, on average.
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    Re: Need advice. PB mistake. DE vs cartridge

    In order to give you any kind of idea about whether you're getting a better deal or not we have to know the model numbers of both filters.

    For instance you'd be getting a much worse deal if they went from a 200sqft cartridge to a EC-40 DE filter.
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    Re: Need advice. PB mistake. DE vs cartridge

    I am getting a Quad 80 with my pool... the Quad 100 is a big filter... how big is your pool?

    My understanding (I have not seen one yet) is the Quad DE filters are DE filters but there are 4 independent cartridges in the tank that make maintaining them easier.
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    Re: Need advice. PB mistake. DE vs cartridge

    my pb usually puts in pentair de 60 sf, but i printed up something off the internet showing him it was about the same price as ccp420sf cartridge, so he did an even swap. imo, you have to let them know that you do your research or they will take advantage of you. i love my cartridge filter, only clean it once a year. i would have the pb switch it out.

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    Re: Need advice. PB mistake. DE vs cartridge

    It's probably a personal preference thing but I have to ditto brg88tx's comments. I cracked open my filter about a month after our pool was completed and cleaned it out really good but in the future, I anticipate cleaning the filter once per season. It had minimal pressure rise when I checked it but I just didn't feel right closing it up with all that debris in there. I also like that I can get quite a few seasons out of each filter cartridge. Plus no backwashing saltwater into my lawn.

    Sand, DE, and cartridge will all get your pool sufficiently clear and sparkly, for me it was an issue of maintenance.
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