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Thread: Cleaning/staining deck!! Help!

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    Cleaning/staining deck!! Help!

    My deck is weathered, But still solid. for sure needs a decent cleaning and stain/sealant. the deck is wrapped around the entire 24' pool and has 3 foot sides is fairly big and there is a sitting area about 6x6 give or take 6" it gradually gets a bit smaller to keep the rounded type shape. i need to know best way to go about the whole process. My initial thoughts are.

    1. Sand down and scrape and rough/peeling spots.
    2. power wash+ deck cleaner
    3. Let sit for 24 hours to dry
    4. tape off pool w/ plastic painters tape
    5. Apply stain+ sealant

    Thinking of using this stain + sealant but not sure best way to apply.
    roll+ brush small areas/between

    here is sealant/stain

    Not sure if 5 gallons is going to be too much... and what not.
    Any input is always VERY appreciated!
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    Re: Cleaning/staining deck!! Help!

    We bought a used pool that came with a partial deck which we added onto much like yours so we could walk around the pool. I pressure washed the old park with a deck cleaner...before pool install, and then appled Olympic Semi-transparent stain over the entire deck, railings, etc with a brush. Took a long time, but I wanted good coverage.

    I've not been impressed with the way the stain has held up over the deck surfaces, but then again.. we have had a lot of deck and I've treated w/various stains and I've never been impressed with long term results. Seems I'm reapplying stain every 2yrs, or every other season, or so to the flat surfaces. Vertical surfaces still look great. It is especially troublesome where there is a lot of pool traffic... guessing the extra water exposure really takes it out of it.

    I bought a 5 gallon since I wanted to stain some pre-existed deck the same color and I think I bought the second 5 gallon if my memory serves me right. We have a lot of decking though w/o the pool. I think I would start with a 5 gallon and see where you get... likely will be enough if all you have is what's around the pool.

    I will be touching up some of the horizontal, flat, surfaces once the weather cools a bit this year. Wish there was a better product on the market... but I haven't found it yet.
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    Re: Cleaning/staining deck!! Help!

    Would you be able to post me some pics!?
    12k gallon AG, Vinyl, Don't know my pump?LoL?, A Sand filter!, My hard work, hoses & attachments to clean!
    Taylor K-2006 Test kit!

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