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Thread: Recent Bid. Please feel free to give advice. All appreciate

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    Recent Bid. Please feel free to give advice. All appreciate

    ? Size: 16'-0" X 30'-0"
    ? Depth: 3.5 to 6 feet to top of tile (water level is 3 inches lower)

    ? Approximately: 480 square feet
    ? Approximately: 92 perimeter feet
    ? Approximately: ?17,100 gallons

    ? Size: 5'-0" X 7'-0" elevated 18 inches above pool level
    ? Depth: 3.5 feet to top of tile (water level is 3 inches lower)
    ? Approximately:
    ? Approximately: 35 square feet
    ? Approximately: 24 perimeter feet
    ?EXCAVATION: 919 gallons

    ? All excavation is included in this proposal.
    ? Haul off of excavated materials is included in this proposal.
    ? Removal of existing steps at kitchen door and removal of rear patio (excluding steps at living room door) is included in this proposal.
    ? Owner will provide access into backyard for excavation.
    ? Cleanup of site during and upon completion.
    ? No tree trimming or removal.
    ? Pool layout and grade as per plan.
    ? All forming is included in this proposal.
    ? 3 gravel bed in the floor of the pool foundation.
    ? Seven (7) sack shotcrete structure (with fibers), 8 to 12 thick with # 4 reinforcing bars on 6 to 12 ?centers with 4 - #4 bars in bond beam and additional bars at points of stress.
    ? Shotcrete to have a minimum strength of 4000 p.s.i. at 28 days.
    ? Shotcrete typical steps and seats. Other benches and lounge areas to be determined and additional ?charges may be incurred by the homeowner.
    ? 6 inch band of frost-proof tile at water line and trim tile on steps & seats. (Allowance of $5 per square foot.)
    ? Interior finish: Wet Edge Altima or QuartzScapes tier 1 products.
    ? Spa as part of pool structure elevated 18 above pool with vertical stone as per plan.
    ? Spa will have a cascade waterfall into pool as per plan. ?POOL AND SPA EQUIPMENT:
    ? 2 Hayward skimmers
    ? 4 Recirculating inlets
    ? 1 A&A Water Leveler
    ? 1 A&A Deck Chlor complete
    ? 1 A&A single port unblockable channel drain (spa)
    ? 1 A&A double port unblockable channel drain (pool / cascade)
    ? 1 Polaris 280 with booster pump
    ? 1 Jandy DEV 60 DE Filter with 2-in-1 backwash valve (pool)
    ? 1 Jandy Energy Filter (cascade)
    ? 1 Jandy Stealth 2.0 Hp UR pump (pool) ? 1 Water Feature Pump (cascade)

    ? 1 Jandy LXi400 400,000 BTU Heater
    ? 2 AmerLite low voltage 300w, 100' cord
    ? 1 AmerLite low voltage 100w, 100' cord
    ? 1 600W transformer for the pool lights
    ? 1 100W transformer for the spa light
    ? 1 Power Center Sub Panel with breakers
    ? 1 Jandy PS 6 pool/ spa
    ? 1 AquaLink 4-button spa side switch
    ? 1 Custom Cascade , Extended lip, 36" (cascade)
    ? Umbrella sleev (location to be determined)
    ? Set of cleaning equipment (pole, wall brush, leaf net, and test set). ?POOL DECK, COPING, AND WALLS(All natural stone will exhibit variations in color, thickness, density, etc.)
    ? Coping: Lueders (buff) set in random lengths
    ? 882 square feet of pool deck topped with Textured Finish
    ? 32 square feet of concrete for the equipment pad
    ? 46 Linear feet of 3' tall iron railing on ramps

    ? 28 sq. ft. of wood landing at kitchen door.
    ? 9 lin. ft. of wood ramp from landing at kitchen door to pool deck. ?
    ? Electric hook-up of pool equipment and lights at pool equipment by Johnson Custom Pools. In some cases the electrical service will have to be upgraded or the distance to the pool equipment is too great and additional charges may be incurred by the homeowner.
    ? Gas hookup of heater at equipment pad and fresh water supply with back flow prevention device is included in this proposal. In some cases the water service will have to be upgraded or the distance to the pool equipment is too great and additional charges may be incurred by the homeowner. Propane tank and gas line to equipment pad by homeowner. ?ITEMS NOT INCLUDED:
    ? Landscaping and irrigation.
    ? Fence and gates to meet code
    ? Propane gas tank and gas line to equipment pad.
    ? Form survey if required by inspector.
    ? Impervious cover survey if required by City.
    ? Tree trimming or removal.
    ? Any excess material will remain the property of Johnson Custom Pools.
    ? Upgrade interior finish to Pebble Sheen $ 4,674
    ? Upgrade from a Polaris 280 to an A&A In-floor ?Max cleaning and recirculation system (includes 6- ?port valve, QuikSkim & LeafVac). $ 4,810

    ? Add Trident UV Sanitation system $ 875
    ? Add a Nature 2 Express mineral sanitizing system $ 750
    ? Upgrade J&J Electronics energy efficient 45 watt ?white LED lights $ 770
    ? Upgrade Jandy Watercolors energy efficient 50 ?watt color LED lights $ 838
    ? Landscape lighting allowance for 10 lights with a ?transformer and labor to install. 2,500
    ? Upgrade the filter pump to a Jandy E Variable ?speed pump $ 559
    ? Add iAqualink to control system. $ 379
    ? Pool cover?(incl. automatic, electric, safety cover with undertrack channel; dam wall capped with tile for automatic cover; standard fabric color; adjustable brackets for walk-on lid (same as coping material); standard keyswitch controller with water feature shut-off; automatic rain water removal pump with discharge hose.) 16881.00
    ? Upgrade pool cover controller to wireless. $870
    ? Change pool deck from textured finish to pavers. $7,205
    ? Add 2 ft. to width of pool (incl. resulting increase ?in pool deck area). $2,012


    Seventy One Thousand Three Hundred Thirteen Dollars

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    Re: Recent Bid. Please feel free to give advice. All apprec

    Location? In my area of Texas (where we have no natural rocks) that quote would be a little high.
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    Re: Recent Bid. Please feel free to give advice. All apprec

    You might want to look into the possibility of getting a two speed pump. That won't cost nearly as much up front as the variable speed, and will still save you a significant amount of electricity.
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    Re: Recent Bid. Please feel free to give advice. All apprec

    If you live in San Jose you'd be getting a deal.... a few years back a PB told us it would cost $80k to put in our same pool including the deck.

    Looks like you are a bit more rural and off the natural gas grid since no propane line was included. Location will make a big difference...
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    Re: Recent Bid. Please feel free to give advice. All apprec


    Here's my $0.02...

    • 1. Ditch the In-floor ?Max cleaning and recirculation system. Assuming this is the design with the pop-up heads on the pool floor. The people I know that have that wish they didn't. Extra plumbing underneath the pool is a real headache if something breaks. This saves you over 4 grand, not to mention potential repair headaches down the road. Go with the Polaris instead.

    • 2. I would pass on the Trident UV Sanitation and Nature 2 Express systems, saving you $1,625 and two less things to maintain. I, along with many others on this forum, maintain crystal clear pools using only liquid chlorine and occasionally MA and baking soda as needed.

    • 3. If the LED light upgrade replaces a standard light, I would opt for the standard lights and take the ~$1,600 savings. As much as I am into energy savings, that upgrade seems pricey and I doubt you would ever see payback on that unless you keep the pool lit up all night every night. Although LED lighting has come down in price for in-house applications, other applications are still stratospherically priced.

    • 4. I'm a fan of the one-pump system, so I would ditch the booster pump. Yes, this will limit your vac choices to those that do not require a booster pump, but my Polaris 360 works great. Plus, you only have one pump to maintain / run / replace.

    • 5. Would price a 2-speed pump and compare price difference to the variable-speed pump. Which one is best for you depends on your electricity costs, so you need to factor that into the payback.

    • 6. Keep landscaping simple. Avoid leafy trees/shrubs. It's amazing how much of that stuff will wind up in the pool.

    As you can see, I am a big fan of keeping things as simple as possible. Sometimes less is more
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