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Thread: Green algae bloom - need advice

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    Green algae bloom - need advice

    Ok, so I have had a problem with the dreaded green water and algae showing up on the bottom of the pool (17,500 gallon AGP). My first mistake was I went to the local pool store and they told me to use "clean shock" - dichlor - due to the very hot weather we are having here this summer and to hit it hard with this stuff, which I did. Problem is (and I found out from reading this forum) dichlor drives up the stabilizer levels, which it did, and makes the shock basically useless against the algae - which would explain why I still have a green pool!

    My question is where do I go from here? I tripled the shock dose so now I have a green pool with a very high chlorine reading. I ordered one of the Taylor test kits but it won't be here for about three days. Based on the test strip, stabilizer appears to be around 90+ (which according the the test strip compare is high but still ok). PH is about 7.4

    I have read stuff on here about using Chlorox to help with a green pool. I would like to do this but not sure how to proceed since I dumped a bunch of this useless shock in the pool already which has apparently made things worse. Can you have too much shock/bleach in the pool? Also if someone could tell me how much I need to use (or how to calculate how much to use) I would appreciate it.

    This has really been frustrating. Needless to day the local pool store just lost a customer!
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    Re: Green algae bloom - need advice

    My first suggestion is to read Pool School, the button on the top right of this page.

    Yes, since you have an AGP, you can have too much chlorine. It will bleach out your liner.

    Do you know which Taylor test kit you got? If it is the K2005, you need to order the FAS-DPD test, here: ... t-p47.html
    If you got the K2006, you are good to go.

    Become very familiar with the Shock Process:
    Notice this is a process, not a one-time addition of some pool store chemicals.

    A CYA of 90+ is going to make it extremely difficult to shock your pool. Once you get your test kit, get an accurate CYA reading. If it appears to be 100+, dilute your pool sample 50/50, run the test again, then multiply the results by two. Your goal for CYA is about 30-40, and unfortunately the only way to reduce CYA in your pool is to do a partial drain and refill. Once your CYA level is in the proper range, you can start the shock process.

    The pool calculator will help you determine your quantities:
    But, it's going to be pretty much impossible to know where you currently are until you get the quality test kit with the FAS-DPD test.
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