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Thread: Expected Equipment Life

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    Expected Equipment Life

    As a new pool owner, I don't know what to expect in terms of longevity for our equipment. The in-ground salt water pool was installed in 2008, and we bought the house last year. The equipment is all Pentair. I'd like to be able to budget for the future - can y'all give me some idea of when various components are likely to need replacement or repair?

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    Re: Expected Equipment Life

    Hi mscolvin,

    Can you give us a list of the equipment you have? Salt cells have a usual lifespan of 3-5 years though in my experience Pentair cells are some of the longer lasting.

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    Re: Expected Equipment Life

    - WhisperFlo Pump
    - Intellichlor IC20 Electronic Chlorine Generator
    - Sta-Rite heater
    - Clean & Clear Plus Cartridge Filter
    - Easy Touch control system (incl. remote)
    - Legend Platinum automatic pool cleaner

    Paramount Clean O3 Water Purifying System

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    Re: Expected Equipment Life

    I have experience with the Whisper flow. The mistake I made was failing to proactively replace the pump seal. Once water reaches those bearings it's all down hill. I ended up having to replace a 5 year old motor that was running perfectly before the seal leak. That pump should have lasted +/- 10 years. My pool cleaner was the the same too. It was faded and a little scratched after 5 years. I've replaced the bag and the hose fitting and rubber flap but it still working like a champ. A little maintenance will go a long ways. good luck

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    Re: Expected Equipment Life

    Thanks for the heads-up on the Whisperflo, quinn. At what point should I proactively do the seal replacement? I don't see any signs of leaks or other problematic behavior.

    So, does anyone have any feedback on the expected life of the other components?

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    Re: Expected Equipment Life

    One of the biggest things that you can do to extend the life of any piece of equipment is make sure you have a gutter above your equipment. Especially if the roof slopes towards were the equipment is located. Without a gutter to properly divert water from drenching your equipment, rain will shorten the life span of it. All to often people complain to be about equipment rusting out and only having had it for only five years they aren't happen to replace it. Gutters will help I always tell them. Down here in FL not many homes are equipped with gutters. I guess the builders don't like them.
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    Re: Expected Equipment Life

    Yes, we do have gutters above the equipment, but now that I think about it, there is a sprinkler head that hits the equipment. I should probably fine tune that one. And, I agree, I draw the line at DIY when it comes to gas.

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    Re: Expected Equipment Life

    Quote Originally Posted by mscolvin
    Yes, we do have gutters above the equipment, but now that I think about it, there is a sprinkler head that hits the equipment. I should probably fine tune that one. And, I agree, I draw the line at DIY when it comes to gas.
    I would certainly do something about that sprinkler head. Pool equipment is not designed to resist water being sprayed at it horizontally (especially heaters).

    As far as replacing pump shaft seals is concerned, I wouldn't suggest doing this unless there is evidence it is leaking; in which case it should be immediately replaced.

    Whisperflows are exceptionally well made pumps, with top quality components. Many aftermarket shaft seals are marginal, and it's pretty easy to not get it right when you replace one.
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    Re: Expected Equipment Life

    Hi mscolvin,

    I have a Whisperflo 2 speed pump and the Pentair Clean and Clear plus cartridge filter. My pump and filter are in their 11th year of operation with no problems. I replaced my cartridges last year, after 10 seasons. So my stuff has really held up well. I live in the northeast, so my pool season is only about 14-16 weeks. In the winter the pump and the filter are stored in the shed, and when I'm not being really lazy, I put the pump in the basement. I can't comment on the other items of equipment because I have no experience with them.

    In gound vinyl L, ~41,000 gallons, Pentair Clean and Clear Plus 420 cartridge filtter, Pentair 2 speed WhisperFlo pump

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    Re: Expected Equipment Life

    I just double checked, and the pump is actually an Intelliflo VS, not a Whisperflo. Any different perspectives on that pump?

    Oh, and after diverting the errant sprinkler head, I still see moisture under the pump - so I suspect it will need attention.

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    Re: Expected Equipment Life

    The Intelliflo uses the same wet end as the Whisperflo. I don't know if they use the same seal. I suspect they do, however the motor is a TEFC instead of a dripproof so it'll stand the water better.
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