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Thread: Pump and filter question

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    Pump and filter question

    Hello all....I am new too these boards and just need some help with some questions.

    1- I have a Hayward 1 HP super pump which is starting to show signs of leaking water collecting at the base of the pump. Is this a pump seal and or gasket, or time for a new pump. ( Pump is 8 years old)

    2- My Hayward DE filter is starting to leak from the crown on top of the filter. I have a EC65 or EC75 ( Not sure which one) filter. I went to backwash and when I closed the backwash valve water starting dripping down from the top of the filter. Did I ruin the gasket or do worse damage to the filter.

    3- Before all the items in 1 and 2 began to happen I could never really maintain a good level of water in the pump housing. After running the pool for about an hour I would start to see air pockets in the water housing. I kept losing the prime on the pump. (shutdown,bleed air, bump, restart, etc,)

    4- When should I be back washing the filter. Unless my pressure guage is broken ( which is possible) I am always running at 12 psi.

    5- Can some please tell me the proper way to backwash,precoat, and what the proper pressures are for my pool

    Pool is a 16 x 32 inground and roughly about 22,000 gallons of water.

    Thanks for any help

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    Re: Pump and filter question

    Welcome to the forum!

    1 - Probably a bad pump seal which can be replaced. Get a full seal kit and you can replace all the seals and gaskets.

    2 - Probably a bad spider gasket which can be replaced.

    3 - Probably due to an air leak in the pump lid and/or drain plugs. Try some pool lube on both.

    4 - Does the gauge go to zero when the pump is shut off?

    5 - As for proper pressure, the filter pressure is dependent on the equipment and layout of the plumbing so it is unique to your pool. Having said that, 12 PSI is not unreasonable. Proper maintenance should be outlined in the manual although I would recommend cleaning the filter after a 25% pressure rise or in your case, less than a 4 PSI rise. ... 5516_I.htm
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    Re: Pump and filter question

    Guage goes to zero when pump is off.

    Thanks for the help.

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