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Thread: Looking for Automatic Pool Cleaner Advice

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    Looking for Automatic Pool Cleaner Advice

    We are building a pool for the very first time and want to make the best choice for cleaning. We cannot decide whether to go with the Pentair Legend or a Dolphin Premiere. Energy savings is very important and ease of use is the other deciding factor. I would prefer the Dolphin as I know it does a fabulous job. I will not mind putting it in the pool a couple times a week throughout the spring, summer and fall months, but I really don't want to have to continue to drop in the in the pool several times a week all through the winter. Is it even necessary to do this in the winter? Should we have the Pentair installed and just use that in the winter, so I'm not having to put the Dolphin in the pool in the middle of winter. It only drops below freezing maybe a couple times a year, but I just don't want to deal with it in the cold weather. What should we do? Should we just start out with the Pentair Legend and down the road pick up the Dolphin to use a couple times a month primarily for scrubbing pool surfaces in addition to the Pentair Legend? Is the Pentair Legend going to be as much of a hassel in the winter as the Dolphin might? How much electricity should we expect the Pentair to use? I am not sure if the pool builder is planning to install a separate booster pump or not. (Our filter pump will be the Intellitouch VS and our pool size is 32' long by 20' wide - if that helps) I am aware of how inexpensive it is to run the Dolphin even if it kills over in 3-4 years after the warranty expires. Considering the energy and chemical savings, would the Dolphin save us money over the course of 3-4 years even though the upfront cost is a little more significant? We're just looking for a little advice from someone who's not trying to sell us something. THANKS!
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    Re: Looking for Automatic Pool Cleaner Advice

    Hi AmyT:

    Welcome to TFP

    The Pentair Legend requires the use of a booster pump whereas the Dolphin Premier has dual 24 volt brushless DC motors that use 180 watts ( Since you mentioned energy savings, have you looked at the Pentair Legend II, which does not require a separate booster pump

    Regardless of which one you choose, I would recommend against leaving it in the water during the winter unless you are actively using it, based on my past experience. I keep my pool operational year-round - water temps usually bottom out in the low 40's. The first year I had the pool, I left my Polaris 360 in the water all winter. Had to replace several hoses/fittings that winter. By February, it started behaving erratically. I took it to a reputable pool store and a few of the internal parts needed replacing or adjusting. Was told that the cold water makes the hoses & internal parts more brittle. My experience seems to bear that out. Since then, I put the Polaris in the pool only when actively using it and keep it in a shed when not in use. Unit has worked flawlessly since then. Have replaced only one section of hose since that first winter vs. 5-6 during that one winter alone.

    BTW, here's another TFP thread discussing the Dolphin Premier: and one that discusses the Pentair Legend:
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